The Unhealthy Truth | Robyn O’Brien on how food is making us sick – and what we can do about it

Every single day, it seems that we are inundated with programs, products, books and ideas about how to prevent disease, lose weight, and improve our appearance. And we respond to it. So much so, that an estimated $100 billion is spent worldwide searching for that magic formula that will yield amazing fitness and alluring physical beauty. But, in the United States alone, a staggering two-thirds of the population are still overweight, with 25 million suffering from diabetes and half of the population on some type of prescription drug for health problems. Why is that? Because the solution to these challenges does not lie with any trend or fad diet, nor any pharmacological or technological fix. There are no shortcuts here. Rather, the solution to these issues is not about following a new diet fad or experimenting with a trending workout regime. There are no shortcuts or hacks. The real answer lies in adopting a lifestyle of health, and taking a more conscious and proactive approach to taking care of your body. And a big part of that is becoming more aware of what you are putting in your body.   On this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, we are speaking to the acclaimed food expert that the New York Times and Bloomberg have dubbed “food’s Erin Brockovich” – Robyn O’Brien.   You may have seen Robyn’s TEDx talk on the evolution of food allergies – questioning whether we are allergic to food or what’s been done to it. Or read her best-selling book, “The Unhealthy Truth,” that reveals the alarming relationship between the manipulation of our food and both the increase in dangerous allergies in our children as well as the increase in disease across the country. And in this interview, you will hear Robyn discuss what it takes to make the commitment to health, what it means to truly eat clean, and what the transformative impact of diet means for not only our physical well-being, but our mental and emotional states as well. You will also hear Robyn dive into GMO safety, antibiotics in meat, organic diets, and, of course, what causes food allergies – all issues that Robyn has dedicated herself towards bringing awareness to over the past decade, working with consumers, corporations and politicians to expose the truth and set real change into action. So we can all have a real roadmap to healthier living.  

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