From the Vault: Tony Robbins and Dr. Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione (Part 2) | The power of forgiveness, letting go of fear and finding true intimacy

In this special mini-season, we are unlocking the vaults to bring you exclusive, in-depth conversations between Tony and four truly outstanding achievers and impressive innovators. These dynamic individuals are not just experts in their respective fields — they are pioneers. They are charting new territory and breaking new ground. And their insights, ideas and drive are shaping the world we live in. With each episode, you will be privy to a wealth of powerful ideas and strategies that you can use immediately to increase income, influence others more effectively, advance your career, enhance your personal relationships, improve your health, eliminate fears, and experience more joy and fulfillment in your life. In this two-part episode, you will hear an invigorating discussion between Tony and Dr. Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, as they delve into forgiveness, letting go of fear, relinquishing control and finding true intimacy. Dr. Jampolsky, a graduate of the Stanford University School of Medicine, is a world renowned child and adult psychologist. In 1975, he established the first Center for Attitudinal Healing in Marin County, California, where people of all ages, faiths and cultures have a welcoming space to find inner peace and well-being. His wife, Dr. Diane Cirincione, a clinical psychologist, has been working alongside him since 1981. And she is also a current faculty member of the University of Hawaii medical school. Between the two of them, they have published 16 books including “Love is letting go of fear,” “Teach only love,” and “Goodbye to guilt.”  They have received a number of international humanitarian awards, including one of the American American Medical Association’s highest honors, the Excellence in Medicine Pride in the Profession Award, for contribution of Attitudinal Healing to the mental-health field, for inspiration to others, and for decades of humanitarian service. And over the last several decades, this husband-wife team have been traveling the world, helping others find peace in their hearts and minds through love and forgiveness.   This episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast is brought to you by Tony Robbins Results Coaching. Are you ready to experience an extraordinary quality of life? Or maybe you’re already doing well, but you know you can take your life to whole new level. To do that, you have to set yourself up to win. You need a process, a way to consistently grow and produce the results you need. And that’s what a Tony Robbins results coach can do for you. Whatever area in your life you want to change -- your relationship, your health, your career, or your business -- coaching is one of the most valuable tools you can have. It’s an investment in yourself, and it can yield some of the highest returns. Tony Robbins Results Coaches are hand-selected and trained by the master of coaching -- Tony Robbins himself -- to have the skills that will empower you with supreme focus, powerful insight and the accountability needed to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed.

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