22 – The Orbital Martians (feat. Ben Etherington & David Fourman)

In a mashup episode that combines the formats of The Orbital Mechanics, a great weekly spaceflight podcast, and WeMartians, Jake, Ben and David explore a variety of Mars topics. Delve in to history as we mark the 37th anniversary since Viking 2's batteries gave out and learn about the spacecraft and its mission. Ben walks us through NASA's new Road Map to Mars, a flight plan for SLS and Orion leading all the way to the 2030s. Then, we explore SpaceX's Red Dragon mission and learn about the four candidate landing sites being considered when the Hawthorne-based company makes its first landing on the Red Planet in 2021. You'll also hear some of the great segments from The Orbital Mechanics, like #ThisWeekSF, upcoming spaceflight events, and space news. Note: If you are already a subscriber of The Orbital Mechanics, their episode 104 will be mostly the same content with some different introductions, ie. the same episode appears in both feeds. Links The Orbital Mechanics (subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher) Website Twitter Patreon #ThisWeekSF (This Week in SpaceFlight History) - Viking 2 Apollo Applications Program Voyager Mars (Photo 1 and Photo 2) Camera System (Weird Photo of imaging team) Astrobiology Instrument Schematic Jake's KSP History Post on Viking 2 (from his past life) Spaceflight News NASA's Mars Road Map (SLS/Orion) Lunar Orbit Types Blue Origin Developping Moon Lander Questions, Comments and Corrections Reddit - Insight into Falcon 9 Octoweb Construction Red Dragon & its Landing Sites Space News Article Jake's Landing Site Map Red X = Crashed/Failed Landing Green Circle = Successful Landing Yellow Question Mark = Candidate sites for Mars2020/ExoMars Space "X" - Red Dragon Landing Site Candidates Deuteronilus Mensae (Photo 1 & Photo 2) Phlegra Montes (Photo 1 & Photo 2) Utopia Planitia (Photo 1 & Photo 2) Arcadia Planitia (Photo 1 & Photo 2) WeMartians music is "RetroFuture" and "Electrodoodle" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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