Episode 75: Politics: Don't Let Them Paralyze, Allow Them to Propel

Regardless of the vote that you cast on Election Tuesday (which was two days ago, as of this podcast release), you're likely shaken by the months and months of drama and rhetoric leading up to the day and perhaps deeply surprised by the result. On Episode 75 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, co-hosts Tesi and Leslie discuss Tuesday's election honestly and with great vulnerability in hope of sorting through their own feelings, fears, and pain, all the while encouraging listeners to heal and move through this period with grace and love. Ultimately, they believe that Mama Bear is having her moment. She might be angry. She might be baffled. She might be thrilled or surprised by her own feelings. This podcast encourages all of us — no matter who you voted for — to access their Mama Bear for good. For complete Show Notes, visit www.mamabeardares.com.

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