Episode 32: Summer & the War Against Manufactured Magic

On Episode 32, co-hosts Leslie and Tesi dive into a topic near and dear to their hearts—the war against manufactured magic. It’s a Gladiator’s road to be sure, but today's episode tackles the idea that kids can make their own fun this summer and that women can release the pressure they may feel as moms to create constant joy, whimsy, and fun for them. The conversation focuses on a great article written Bunmi Laditan that appeared in The Huff Post. Surrounding this topic, the podcast opens with a celebration of Tesi's birthday and ends with a dare to let memories be made because you refuse to give into the pressures of the world and allow your kids experience magic on their own. For complete Show Notes visit www.mamabeardarespodcast.com/daretolisten/. Here are some highlights of the conversation: Leslie reveals that her best parenting move is from the couch or the porchThe co-hosts share childhood memories that were very simple and were not manufactured! Tesi recalls a thrilling childhood—and she doesn’t remember seeing her mom during the day. (She was certainly not manufacturing magic.)If it feels natural to you to create magic, then do it! But if it feels unnatural to you, don’t. Release the pressure of perfection!We pose a few final questions from the article about childhood, magic, and where you stand on the relationship between the two...and ask our Mama Bear Community to answer online!

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