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Movement Screens for Sport, Return to Gymnastics, and Assessing Pain ThresholdDec 21, 2017 Listen
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Shoulder Dislocations from Weightlifting, Restoring Chronic Weakness, Unsafe PT TreatmentsDec 07, 2017 Listen
Surgery for Shoulder Instability, Early Motion After Cuff Repair, and Hip Rotation when SquattingNov 30, 2017 Listen
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Special Episode on the Frozen Shoulder – How to Know When to Push, What Modalities We Use, and Treatment SuggestionsOct 26, 2017 Listen
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Biceps Tenodesis in Crossfit, Annual Movement Checkups, Capsular PatternsOct 05, 2017 Listen
Velocity Down After Weighted Balls and What Pitchers Should Do After GamesSep 28, 2017 Listen
Patellar Tendon Grafts, Periodization, and the Asymmetries in AthletesSep 21, 2017 Listen
Set Rep Schemes, SI Joint Dysfunction, and Becoming a SpecialistSep 14, 2017 Listen
Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Surgery, Manual Therapy, and Professional Study GroupsAug 31, 2017 Listen
What’s the Future of Baseball Performance and the SaberseminarAug 24, 2017 Listen
Assessing Posterior Capsule Tightness, Strengthening in Hypermobile Athletes, Unilateral Exercises for the CoreAug 17, 2017 Listen
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Banded Mobility Drills, Manual Muscle Testing, and PTs Working in Strength and ConditioningAug 03, 2017 Listen
Live Podcast Episode on Instagram LiveJul 27, 2017 Listen
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Communicating with Docs, PTs working as Strength Coaches, and Essential Reading for StudentsJul 13, 2017 Listen
Pitch Counts, Managing the Pitcher Between Innings, and the Motus SleeveJul 06, 2017 Listen
IR after Rotator Cuff Repair, Introducing Yourself as Doctor, and Getting into PT SchoolJun 29, 2017 Listen
Research Updates on K-Tape, Self Myofascial Release, and Topical AnalgesicsJun 22, 2017 Listen
Latest Research on ACL and Achilles Repair RehabilitationJun 15, 2017 Listen
Special Tests, Strength Training After Surgery, SystemsJun 08, 2017 Listen
Getting Started with IASTM, Wrist Injuries in CrossFit, Deadlifting in RehabJun 01, 2017 Listen
Our Biggest Mistakes, The Future of PTAs, and Strengthening the PsoasMay 25, 2017 Listen
PTs Learning from Chiros, Busy PT Clinics, Counterforce Bracing for EpicondylitisMay 18, 2017 Listen
Improving GIRD, Improving Hip ROM in Pitchers, Dry Needling in BaseballMay 11, 2017 Listen
Quadriceps to Hamstring Ratio in ACL Injuries, PhDs, and Passing the PT BoardsMay 04, 2017 Listen
Determining Load in Rehab, Barefoot Training, Dry Needling CoursesApr 27, 2017 Listen
Online Coaching, One-on-One Treatment, Professional Dress CodeApr 20, 2017 Listen
Quadriceps vs Patellar Tendonitis, Strengthening in New Mobility, Analgesic CreamsApr 13, 2017 Listen
Role of the Biceps in Shoulder Stability, OKC Exercises, and External CueingApr 06, 2017 Listen
Acute Chronic Workload Monitoring with Weighted Balls, Measuring TROM, Restoring ROM after Tommy JohnMar 30, 2017 Listen
Studying for the PT Boards, Strength Training in Rehab, ACL Surgery in Female AthletesMar 16, 2017 Listen
Continuity of Treatments, Live Courses, Gymnastics InjuriesMar 09, 2017 Listen
Mixed Grip Deadlifts, Self-Myofascial Release, and Gaining MassMar 02, 2017 Listen
Scapular Winging with Stiff Shoulders, Life of an ATC, and Morning Back PainFeb 23, 2017 Listen
Pelvic Structure, Persistent Quad Atrophy, and Stretching with Shoulder ImpingementFeb 09, 2017 Listen
Restoring GIRD, Weighted Balls During Rehab, and PRI for Shoulder MotionFeb 02, 2017 Listen
Restoring Hyperextension and Quad Strength After ACL and Stretching Loose ShouldersJan 26, 2017 Listen
Sleep Positions, Step Downs After ACL, and Shoe RecommendationsJan 19, 2017 Listen
Certifications for New Grads, Shoulder Biomechanics, and Chronic PainJan 12, 2017 Listen
Shoulder CEU Courses, Programs for Athletes, and Hanging From a BarDec 15, 2016 Listen
Returning to Pitching after Surgery, Arm Care Programs, and Mechanics that Lead to InjuryDec 08, 2016 Listen
Treatment Sequences, Giving Away Free Advice, and Blood Flow Restriction TrainingDec 01, 2016 Listen
Personal Training Cert for PT Students, Self Myofascial to the Anterior Shoulder, and Low Level LaserNov 17, 2016 Listen
Progressing Post Op Patients, Academic vs Clinical PTs, and Programming for Former Overhead AthletesNov 10, 2016 Listen
Rotator Cuff Biomechanics, Staff Reviews, and Barefoot TrainingNov 03, 2016 Listen
Heel Pain, Yearly Movement Assessments, and Patellofemoral PainOct 27, 2016 Listen
Going Back to ATC School, Online Branding, Becoming a Strength CoachOct 20, 2016 Listen
Postoperative Shoulder Stiffness, Ankle Taping, and FlexibilityOct 13, 2016 Listen
Nonop Rehab for Cuff Tears, Combatting the Seated Posture, and Combining Gymnastics and Strength TrainingSep 29, 2016 Listen
Proper Warm Up for Pitchers, the Empty Can Test, and the Batter’s ShoulderSep 22, 2016 Listen
Preventing Quad Atrophy, Strength Training, and the BeachSep 15, 2016 Listen
Dry Needling, Opening Your Own Clinic, and Dual DegreesSep 08, 2016 Listen
Movement Therapy, Anti-Core Exercises, and Essential ReadingSep 01, 2016 Listen
Erson Religioso Joins Us on the #AskMikeReinold Show!Aug 25, 2016 Listen
Scapula Compensation, Cash Based PT, and Soft Tissue TechniquesAug 18, 2016 Listen
Training for baseball Pitchers, Submarine Mechanics, and Inseason NutritionAug 11, 2016 Listen
When Do We Start Rehab After Surgery, Exercise Science Degrees, and Contrast BathsAug 04, 2016 Listen
Should You Use Social Media as Your Primary Source of Continuing Education?Jul 28, 2016 Listen
Home Exercises, Patients Per Day, Getting Back into the GymJul 21, 2016 Listen
Special Baseball Podcast on GIRDJul 14, 2016 Listen
Shutting Down Inseason Athletes, Training for Velocity, and Hypermobile AthletesJul 07, 2016 Listen
Dispelling Common Internet Myths: Icing, Foam Rolling, and Static StretchingJun 30, 2016 Listen
Monitoring Athletes In-season, Hip Hinge Limitations, and SpecializationJun 23, 2016 Listen
Professional Baseball Player Experiences with Tommy John SurgeryJun 16, 2016 Listen
Glenohumeral Ligaments, Wrist Pain, Bent Over Rows and Back PainJun 09, 2016 Listen
Managing Fatigue in Athletes, Minimalist Shoes, and Neurological SymptomsJun 02, 2016 Listen
Thoracic Outlet, The Yips, Voodoo Floss, and Youth MechanicsMay 26, 2016 Listen
Extra-Articular ACL Grafts, Preparing for the OCS, and ModalitiesMay 19, 2016 Listen
American Kettlebell Swings, Our Favorite Exercises, and ATCs Going Back to PT SchoolMay 12, 2016 Listen
Steph Curry’s Hip Hinge and Two Areas NOT to Use Self Myofascial ReleaseMay 05, 2016 Listen
Scapula Exercises, IASTM, and Overactive TrapsApr 28, 2016 Listen
Bands, Weighted Balls, and Crossfit for Baseball PlayersApr 21, 2016 Listen
Squeezing the Glutes, Marketing for Cash Services, and NSCA vs NASMApr 14, 2016 Listen
Extension After ACL, Changing Sets and Reps, and Loss of MobilityApr 07, 2016 Listen
Retearing Cuff Repairs, Picking a PT School, and Hypermobile AthletesMar 31, 2016 Listen
Do We Treat People with Asymptomatic Movement Dysfunction?Mar 24, 2016 Listen
Surgery for FAI, Imaging and Symptoms, and Squatting with Flat FeetMar 20, 2016 Listen
Staying Current, Squatting Past Parallel, and Modalities for Pain ReliefMar 16, 2016 Listen
Systems, Lumbar Strains, and Strengthening for Shoulder InstabilityMar 11, 2016 Listen
Movement Assessments, Hip Flexor Tightness, and Cookie Cutter ApproachesMar 07, 2016 Listen
PT vs Personal Trainer, Quad Strength After ACL, and Isokinetic Testing for AthletesMar 03, 2016 Listen
Youth Sports Performance, Starting Champion, and Integrating the SpineFeb 25, 2016 Listen
The Biggest Lessons to Learn From Our MistakesFeb 18, 2016 Listen
Training the Other Limb, the Ideal Job for You, and ROM with Hip ImpingementFeb 14, 2016 Listen
Being accessible to Clients, Advanced ACL Rehab, and Do We Get Stumped?Feb 11, 2016 Listen
Special Tests, Glute Activity, and Jobs in Pro SportsFeb 07, 2016 Listen
Stretching the Shoulder, Squats and Deadlifts in Rehab, and ResidenciesFeb 07, 2016 Listen
Welcome and Introduction to the New PodcastFeb 06, 2016 Listen