Jeff Allen McManus & Weston Coppola Cage?

ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS UNTIL THE ROYAL WEDDING! You can watch it LIVE at 7AM on SATURDAY, MAY 19 with YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST HOSTS (I'm talking about us btw) as part of this year's Vulture Fest. For ticket info, just check our feeds because you know we're going to promote the hell out of it. Anyway, this week we discuss Meghan Markle's FIRST wedding of 2018: the one on Suits! Yep, she was written out of the show with a wedding. (We watched the episode, but still have no idea what Suits is about. I think something about lead? Whatever.) Speaking of weddings: ZANDY! LEA! THE GHOST OF COREY! Speaking of weddings again: WESTON CAGE! SOMEONE NAMED HILA ARONIAN! But enough about them, because our big story of the week is more important. Did you know Miranda Lambert's trail of exes is helping to create one of the most captivating current celebrity gossip stories? There are weird names for days, messy social media behavior, and cold calls to the out-of-the-loop FATHERS of certain parties. Who knew?

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