Evrial and the Clipboard threat. SamSam ransomware recovery. Olympic hacking? Russian bots. Crime and punishment. Speculated origins of Bitcoin. Jan 22, 2018 Listen
Fancy Bear Duping Doping Domains — Research SaturdayJan 20, 2018 Listen
AllScripts works to remediate ransomware in medical apps. Group 123 hits ROK targets. Triton/Trisis zero-day. Dark Caracal espionage op. Section 702 renewed. GhostTeam ejected from Play Store. Jan 19, 2018 Listen
Big healthcare data breach. False civil defense alerts. Davos will take up cyber next week (among other topics). Exobot on the block. Satori in your wallet? Ponzi scheme or pump-and-dump? Jan 18, 2018 Listen
Section 702 update. Kaspersky reports on Skygofree—dangerous Android spyware. Recorded Future on DPRK spearphishing. Healthcare hacks. Bogus patches. VR game could expose users. Jan 17, 2018 Listen
New Mirai variant forming. Meltdown and Spectre remediation updates. Notes on Russian hacking. Charges in swatting death. Jan 16, 2018 Listen
Shake Your MoneyTaker — Research SaturdayJan 13, 2018 Listen
Spectre and Meltdown patches may be messy, but not as performance-killing as feared. AMT exploit. Mobile ICS apps. Monero mining. Badness in the Play Store. Huawei ban? Droning while drunk. Jan 12, 2018 Listen
Aadhaar updates. Fancy Bear doxes the Olympics. WhatsApp snooping vulnerability discussed. Spectre and Meltdown patching. US House reauthorizes Section 702. Bitcoin isn't Bitcoin Cash. Jan 11, 2018 Listen
Turla returns. Moscow interested in Mexican elections? FakeBank mobile Trojan hits Russian banks. Phishing the Olympics. Patch Tuesday. Bad flashlights, nice doggie. Jan 10, 2018 Listen
Spectre and Meltdown mitigations. Psiphon and Iran's unrest. Olympic phishing. Mobil pop-up redirection. Alt-coin speculation. Jan 09, 2018 Listen
Korean-language phishing targets interest in the Winter Olympics. Unrest continues in Iran. Meltdown and Spectre updates. Aadhaar security. Admiral Rogers will retire this spring from NSA. Jan 08, 2018 Listen
TRISIS Malware: Fail-safe fail — Research SaturdayJan 06, 2018 Listen
Meltdown and Spectre, risks and mitigations. Aadhaar compromised. Blockchain bubbles. Jan 05, 2018 Listen
Meltdown and Spectre arose from engineering for speed—most chips are affected. Bogus security apps kicked out of Google Play. Iran's Internet crackdown. Indications of a guilty plea in NSA leak case. Jan 04, 2018 Listen
Iranian dissent takes to Tor. Iran cracks down on Internet services (and Infy gets busy). Kernel memory issue in Intel processors. macOS bug published. "Trackmageddon." Curating YouTube. Condolences to a SWATTING victim's family. Jan 03, 2018 Listen
ISIS claims responsibility for bombing in Russia. Iranian unrest involves Telegram, Instagram. Proposed FERC reporting standards. YouTube gone bad, and an arrest in a horrific swatting prank. Jan 02, 2018 Listen
Hunting the Sowbug — Research SaturdayDec 30, 2017 Listen
The German Cybersecurity Market with Gerald HahnDec 29, 2017 Listen
The CISO's changing role with Andrew WildDec 28, 2017 Listen
"Hacked Again" author Scott SchoberDec 27, 2017 Listen
Active defense and “hacking back" with Johnathan Braverman from CymmetriaDec 26, 2017 Listen
Keyboys back in town — Research SaturdayDec 23, 2017 Listen
Updates on Triton ICS malware attack. DPRK and WannaCry. Cryptocurrency crime and an alt-coin market correction. Fancy Bear sightings. Dec 22, 2017 Listen
More data found exposed in an AWS S3 bucket. EtherDelta's DNS impersonation issue. DPRK says it doesn't hack. FISA Section 702 nears sunset. Wassenaar updated. Kaspersky says its due process rights have been violated. Dec 21, 2017 Listen
Pyongyang's snarling through cyberspace, and what others are doing about it. Coppersmith espionage campaign in the Middle East. GDPR approaches. Giving your kid a smartphone? Dec 20, 2017 Listen
North Korea officially blamed for WannaCry. US National Security Strategy and cyber. Hex Men are up to no good. Cryptocurrency crimes. Cyberespionage. Misconfigured printers. Bad passwords. Dec 19, 2017 Listen
Zealot and Monero mining. Bitfinex DDoS. Triton/Trisis shows risks of committing safety and control to the same systems. Bitcoin crime. M&A news. Hair of the dog. Dec 18, 2017 Listen
The unique culture of the Middle Eastern and North African underground — Research SaturdayDec 16, 2017 Listen
Internet shut down in Ethiopia. TRITON ICS malware updates. Security products patched. Cryptocurrency capers. Dec 15, 2017 Listen
Hacktivism threatened over embassy move. Significant probe of an industrial plant. That was no BGP error. TV blues. Dec 14, 2017 Listen
A look back at Patch Tuesday. Classic games on Android serve malware. Cryptocurrency speculation. Info ops updates. Phony hitmen. Guilty pleas in Mirai case. Dec 13, 2017 Listen
Catphishing for spies. Banking Trojans. Spider ransomware. CoinHive comes to Starbucks. SEC stops another ICO. BrickerBot retired? Dec 12, 2017 Listen
Al Qaeda tries its hand at inspiration. MoneyTaker cyber bank robbers. Dark web database holds a billion credentials. Bitcoin speculation and Bitcoin fraud. Dec 11, 2017 Listen
Stealthy Zberp Banking Trojan — Research SaturdayDec 09, 2017 Listen
Iranian reconnaissance of critical infrastructure? Leaky banking apps. Microsoft's emergency patch. Ghosts of the Caliphate threaten, but have yet to deliver. New horizons in biometrics. Dec 08, 2017 Listen
Hamas calls for intifada; hacktivism expected. Ethiopian government surveillance ops. Crime and cryptocurrency. Keylogger in the wild. Fixes to MacOS, Android app development tools. Uber hack and bug bounties. Dec 07, 2017 Listen
Satori botnet is awake (and it's not engaged in enlightenment). State-sponsored spyware campaigns. ISIS threatens cyberattacks. Dec 06, 2017 Listen
Andromeda takedown (with an arrest in Belarus). Mirai is back; Reaper still threatens. PayPal phishing. Tech support scam evolves. Cryptowars notes. SEC goes after an ICO. Dec 05, 2017 Listen
Nghia Hoang Pho charged with mishandling classified NSA material. A review of other recent leaks. Kaspersky under fire in the UK. More Uber executives depart. Dec 04, 2017 Listen
Staying ahead of Fast Flux Networks — Research SaturdayDec 02, 2017 Listen
Flynn pleads guilty in Mueller probe. Misconfigured AWS S3 buckets, again. Election trolling and spy versus oligarch. Black Friday fraud down. Crime and punishment. Dec 01, 2017 Listen
Breaches, extortion, and insider threats. Credit bureaus and GDPR. HP addresses spyware allegations. When is a snack bag more than a snack bag? Nov 30, 2017 Listen
Building your cyber security career — CyberWire Special EditionNov 30, 2017 Listen
Another misconfigured AWS S3 bucket, this one with US Army INSCOM files. Apple fixes a major issue in MacOS. Influence ops and autarky. Boyusec disbanded. Nov 29, 2017 Listen
Who's the third man in the Shadow Brokers leaks? ISIS diaspora means more ISIS online. Monero miner identified. Tizi backdoored apps booted from Google Play. Scarab ransomware. M&A notes. Indictments in IP theft. Nov 28, 2017 Listen
Breach disclosure: fast and slow. Mirai's minor comeback. Anti-ISIS Hacktivsts strike Amaq. North Koreans studying blockchain. Alleged Game of Thrones hacker indicted. Nov 27, 2017 Listen
Waiting for Terdot, a sneaky banking Trojan — Research SaturdayNov 25, 2017 Listen
The Right to Be Forgotten with Yale Law School's Tiffany LiNov 22, 2017 Listen
Cyberspace in Peace and War author Martin C. LibickiNov 21, 2017 Listen
PwC Principal Jocelyn Aqua on Earning Consumer Trust and BusinessNov 20, 2017 Listen
Dark Net Pricing with Flashpoint's Liv Rowley — Research SaturdayNov 18, 2017 Listen
AWS S3 misconfigurations. Kaspersky's report on the Equation Group affair. Cybercrime notes. DPRK cyber campaigns. The VEP reviews continue positive. Amazon Key has issues. Nov 17, 2017 Listen
Revisions to the US VEP (and comparisons to China's). DPRK hacking. Laurel mole hunt. BlueBorne is back. Snakes in the Play Store. Can you sound like a child? Nov 16, 2017 Listen
Hidden Cobra's RATs. IoT bugs. Patch Tuesday notes. Backdoored smartphones. Russian trolling, propaganda. DPRK short wave hacked? Nov 15, 2017 Listen
Influence operations in Catalonia? IcedID banking Trojan. The Shadow Brokers: an intelligence service or a bunch of moles? Patch notes. Nov 14, 2017 Listen
Vault 8 and false-flag allegations. Mole hunting. Equifax breach costs. ISIS returns to WordPress defacements. RoK domestic political influence scandal. Nov 13, 2017 Listen
Taiwan Bank Heist and Lazurus Group with BAE's Adrian Nish — Research SaturdayNov 11, 2017 Listen
Macro-less malware. Metacriminals and botnet herders. Hacking ships and airliners. Cryptocurrency glitch. Congratulations to the SINET 16. Nov 09, 2017 Listen
Fancy Bear's new moves. OceanLotus and Sowbug cyber espionage groups active. Notes from CyCon, and a look at industry news. Nov 08, 2017 Listen
Stolen Paradise Papers aren't making people or companies look good. Off-year election security. Trollhunting. Notes on the future of cyber conflict from CyCon 2017. Nov 07, 2017 Listen
The Paradise Papers, tax avoidance, and quiet investments. Kaspersky affair updates. Retaliation against influence operations? Nov 06, 2017 Listen
Exploring Phishing Kits with Duo Security's Jordan Wright — Research SaturdayNov 04, 2017 Listen
BadRabbit misdirection? Fancy Bear's wish list. AWS misconfigurations. Data breach notes. Nov 03, 2017 Listen
The Manhattan terror suspect claims allegiance to ISIS, but ISIS hasn't claimed him. Crimeware notes. Patching news. Crypto wars update. What the Senate learned about info ops. Nov 02, 2017 Listen
Ransomware old and ransomware new, but can you distinguish it from a wiper? Influence operations hearings on Capitol Hill. Nov 01, 2017 Listen
A BadRabbit and Reaper update. EU and cyberwar. DPRK denies WannaCry responsibility. China's cyber espionage shifts. Oracle emergency patch. Buganizer wide open. Influence ops. Heathrow security. Oct 31, 2017 Listen
Reaper looks like a criminal booter on the Chinese black market. BadRabbit shows some moves. Catch-All malicious Chrome extension. Android currency miners in Google Play. Indictments in Russia probe. Oct 30, 2017 Listen
Tracking a Trojan: KHRAT on Research SaturdayOct 28, 2017 Listen
BadRabbit ransomware and Reaper botnet updates. SATCOM bugs. ICS cybersecurity notes. Moscow's free commercial speech piety. Anonymous is back. Oct 27, 2017 Listen
Dogs that haven't barked. Surveillance authority reauthorization advances in the US Senate. Notes on ICS cybersecurity. Oct 26, 2017 Listen
BadRabbit hopping though Eastern and Central Europe, and Southwest Asia. DUHK risks. Kaspersky on how a laptop was backdoored. Notes from Atlanta's ICS Cybersecurity Conference. Oct 25, 2017 Listen
Reaper botnet update, Election hacking in Kenya, Czech Republic. M&A notes. APT28's phishing. Kaspersky's offer of code review. FBI shots in the crypto wars. Oct 24, 2017 Listen
Reaper botnet looming, but not yet landed. CyCon phishing. How to troll for influence. Oct 23, 2017 Listen
WireX BotNet with Justin Paine from Cloudflare — Research SaturdayOct 21, 2017 Listen
IoT DDoS hurricane forming? Sofacy exploits patched Flash bug. NotPetya continues to impose costs. Snooping with mobile app ads. Oct 20, 2017 Listen
Leviathan group exploits patched .NET flaw. North Korean cyber ops. Russian suspicions. Cutlet Maker ATM malware, Sockbot Minecraft malware. Ransomware and backups. Oct 19, 2017 Listen
DPRK returns to bank robbery. Ransomware updates. Patches from Oracle, Lenovo, BlackBerry. Criminal coin miners. Oct 18, 2017 Listen
Panama Papers assassination? Black Oasis exploits Flash Player. DPRK hacked TV show. Patching KRACK and ROCA. WikiLeaks prepping something? DHS BOD 18-01. SCOTUS to rule on data warrants. Oct 17, 2017 Listen
KRACK attacks. Iran's growing capability in cyberspace. Swedish and Polish targets probed by state-directed cyber ops. QR code security issues. Russia to introduce official cryptocurrency. Oct 16, 2017 Listen
Synthesized DNA Malware with Peter Ney — Research SaturdayOct 14, 2017 Listen
Germany's BSI sees no problem in Kasperky software. Equifax, TransUnion, suffer from third-party malvertizing code. ISIS expected to change its inspiration. Notes on the dark web. Oct 13, 2017 Listen
Panama Papers pinch. North Korean spearphishing against ICS. CyberMaryland notes. Google Home Mini was tale-bearing (but now it's better). Oct 12, 2017 Listen
Israel said to have tipped the US off concerning Kaspersky risks. Accenture databases exposed. Deloitte breach may be worse than initially thought. Oct 11, 2017 Listen
Cyberespionage in the Korean peninsula. Russian influence operators bought Facebook, Google ads. Forrester hacked. Kovter, OilRig get upgrades. US CYBERCOM CSM notes. Oct 10, 2017 Listen
GDPR: Privacy from Across the Pond - Special EditionOct 09, 2017 Listen
Android Toast Overlay: Ryan Olson from Palo Alto Networks - Research SaturdayOct 07, 2017 Listen
FSB got NSA with an assist (witting or unwitting) from Kaspersky? Germany calls off mass surveillance investigation. Reality Winner stays in jail. Oct 06, 2017 Listen
NSA breach announced today (occurred in 2015, discovered in 2016) may be final nail in Kaspersky Lab's coffin. Oct 05, 2017 Listen
No insight yet into Las Vegas gunman's motive as ISIS inspiration generally discounted. Yahoo! breach affected 3, not 1, billion user accounts. Equifax updates. Oct 04, 2017 Listen
Fake news and information operations with no obvious solution. Equifax update. US Cyber Command vs. DPRK Oct 03, 2017 Listen
Bots, sockpuppets, and trolls. Facebook talks to Congress. Some suggest China hacked Equifax. DPRK gets more Internet. ISIS inspiration. Section 702 authority in doubt. Oct 02, 2017 Listen
APT 33: FireEye's John Hultquist on an Iranian Cyber Espionage Group - Research SaturdaySep 30, 2017 Listen
Whole Foods breached. Illusion gap and Windows Defender. Exposed AWS S3 buckets. Equifax incident response. Reality Winner proceedings. Sep 29, 2017 Listen
Deloitte and Equifax under the microscope. Congress grills the SEC. Credential theft trends. Sep 28, 2017 Listen
Comments on the Deloitte breach. SEC Commissioner talks to the Senate. Sonic breached. Vulnerable stock-trading apps. Russian influence operations shift their focus. Sep 27, 2017 Listen
Equifax C-suite retirements continue. Deloitte still has little to say about its breach. Mac OS zero-day goes unpatched. Russian influence operations. Sep 26, 2017 Listen
Deloitte hacked. Verizon AWS S3 exposure. Phantom Squad's protection racket. Nuclear tension expected to spawn cyberattacks. Updates on CCleaner backdoor and FinFisher distro. Carlos Danger goes to jail. Sep 25, 2017 Listen
Pacifier APT : Bitdefender's Liviu Arsene describes a sophisticated, multifaceted malware campaign - Research SaturdaySep 23, 2017 Listen
Hacks shake confidence in financial system. FinFisher using MitM. CCleaner backdoor had specific targets in mind? US Forces Korea debunks bogus NEO warning. Locky masters like Game of Thrones. nRansomware asks for a different kind of payout. Sep 22, 2017 Listen