291 - The Definition of Passion (feat. Meiyoko Taylor)

In this episode, I sit down with Meiyoko Taylor to talk about The Definition of Passion. People often say “follow your passion” but what does that actually mean? Meiyoko shares with us how he conceptualizes this term and his process for helping others uncover what they are truly passionate about.   In this episode you will learn: How to discover what you are meant to do. Why “motivation” has an expiration date. Why you should give yourself only 60 seconds to answer hard questions. RESOURCES: This episode is sponsored by: HungryRoot  https://www.hungryroot.com (Enter Tiny Leaps at check out for $25 on each of your first two orders). P.E.A.K application: Greggclunis.com/apply Connect with Meiyoko Taylor at  http://www.meiyokotaylor.com Follow Meiyoko on social: Facebook, TwitterInstagram, LinkedIn Join the Tiny Leaps Facebook Group: http://facebook.com/groups/tinyleaps Follow Gregg on Instagram: http://instagram.com/greggclunis

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