40: Avoid Conflict Without Being a Weakling, Dealing w/ Random Threatening People, Was Jocko Disciplined as a Kid?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaZ-RrNeRYg 0:00:00 -  Opening 0:02:14 - Tips for Complimentary exercises for BJJ & Frustrating Moments in BJJ 0:39:19 - What to do if Others get into adversarial relationships with you without being a weakling. 0:52:58 - Tips for making the change to Wake up earlier wile keeping the peace at home. 1:14:02 - How to deal with Random Threatening People in Public. 1:34:23 - Was Jocko disciplined as a kid? 1:53:22 - Can you train instinct?  And can you trust it wholly in fighting and leadership? 2:02:10 - Cool Internet/Onnit Stuff, Jocko Store Stuff, etc.  

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