71: Heroes are Not Perfect. Never Judge. The Will to Overcome REAL Hardship: "A Helmet for my Pillow" by Robert LeckieApr 18, 2017 Listen
70: Overcoming Unspeakable Darkness. Protecting Children. How to Support a Military Spouse. Living a GOOD Life. With Iris GardnerApr 11, 2017 Listen
69: The Real Top Gun. Battlefield, Work, and Life are Identical. With Elite Marine Fighter Pilot, David Berke.Apr 05, 2017 Listen
68: Inauthentic Extreme Ownership, Excessive Self-Blaming, The Grammar Nazi, Loyalty in Marriage and Service, Jiu Jitsu VS Boxing for 7 y/o, Artificial Intelligence Soldiers.Mar 26, 2017 Listen
67: "Company Commander": Important Lessons Directly from WW2Mar 21, 2017 Listen
66: Gen. HR McMaster's Tactical/Strategic Lessons Learned from his War Fighting Experience. Liars, Defending Bad Leaders, Jiu Jitsu Strength, & Dealing w/ The GrindMar 15, 2017 Listen
65: What to Carry to Be Prepared for Battle and Life: With Leif BabinMar 07, 2017 Listen
64: The Value and Cost of Real Freedom. "A Debt That Cannot Be Repaid", With Andy StumpfMar 01, 2017 Listen
63: Through The Valley: My Captivity in Vietnam, with Colonel William Reeder, US Army Pilot, Vietnam POWFeb 22, 2017 Listen
62: Battle Studies: Applying Ancient Combat Knowledge of Human Nature to Modern Leadership and LifeFeb 15, 2017 Listen
61: Confronting People Who've Been Talking Behind Your Back. How to Deal with Anger Management Issues. Be Careful With Praise. Feb 07, 2017 Listen
60: The Importance of Standing Up Against Evil, and its Heavy Cost. "The Rape of Nanking"Feb 01, 2017 Listen
59: Valuable & Applicable Lessons from Battle that Apply Directly to Your Life, w/ Brian StannJan 25, 2017 Listen
58: Overcoming Regrets of a Wasted Life, How to Maximize Morale, Aligning Goals Up the ChainJan 16, 2017 Listen
57: STRATEGIKON: How to Apply Timeless Combat Leadership Lessons to the Battlefield, Business and LifeJan 10, 2017 Listen
56: Overcoming Stress, Sleep Deprivation, and The Darkness with Peter AttiaJan 06, 2017 Listen
55: Dealing w/ Hostile Drunk Idiots, How to Eliminate Complacency with Age, Vets w/ Bad BehaviorJan 06, 2017 Listen
54: How to Lead and Command Ultimate Respect. With the "Armed Forces Officer Manual"Dec 28, 2016 Listen
Christmas 1914Dec 25, 2016 Listen
53: WILL CONQUERS ALL, “Colder Than Hell”, Lessons Learned from A Marine Rifle Company at Chosin Reservoir.Dec 14, 2016 Listen
52: How to Overcome Fear. How to Combat Burnout. Violating Values to Achieve Goals. How to Follow Through w/ Ideas.Dec 07, 2016 Listen
51: “The Coldest War.” Mortars, Battle Fatigue, and THE COLDNov 30, 2016 Listen
50: With Tim Ferriss – Darkness & How to Stay on the Path, Last Days of Life & What to Do, Back-up Plans, MisconceptionsNov 23, 2016 Listen
49: How to SMASH Days When You ‘Don’t Feel Like it’, How to Deal w/ Passive-Aggressive People, Advice for SOF NewlywedsNov 16, 2016 Listen
48: “I Fought With Custer”, How Ego can Kill You, Avoid the Slippery SlopeNov 09, 2016 Listen
47: How to Overcome Set-backs at Work, MMA Fighters VS. SEALS, Prep VS. Winging it, Rituals for mindset, BJJ Gym LoyaltyNov 02, 2016 Listen
46: Jeremiah “JP” Dinnell & Jocko Discuss War, Fighting, and LifeOct 26, 2016 Listen
45: Wooden Leg, Native American WarriorOct 19, 2016 Listen
44: Negative People, Entitled Team after Extreme Ownership, Managing with your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type.Oct 12, 2016 Listen
43: Glory of the Trenches. Discipline, The Selfishness of Cowardice & Giving UpOct 05, 2016 Listen
42: Fallen Hero Mikey Monsoor, SEAL Vet Andrew Paul: Leadership, Life, Loss, & Lessons LearnedSep 28, 2016 Listen
41: SEAL Vet Tony Eafrati, Scariest Moments, Prepared to Die, Early Days, Transitioning to Civilian Life.Sep 21, 2016 Listen
40: Avoid Conflict Without Being a Weakling, Dealing w/ Random Threatening People, Was Jocko Disciplined as a Kid?Sep 14, 2016 Listen
39: Brave MenSep 07, 2016 Listen
38: BOOTS. How to Effectively Navigate Life, Land, & the Battlefield. Infantry Columns, On Patrol, The Beloved Captain, Jocko Academy for Young Troopers, The Warpath.Aug 31, 2016 Listen
37: Vietnam Vet Navy SEAL Roger Hayden, War StoriesAug 24, 2016 Listen
36: Photographer, Kieran Doherty. Images & Experience of Belfast, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Liberia, The SudanAug 17, 2016 Listen
35: Maneuver Warfare, Being a Rebel, Disarming w/ Words, Sliding into Old HabitsAug 10, 2016 Listen
34: Leif Babin – Ambushed Cops, Benghazi, Tempers, SEAL CombativesAug 03, 2016 Listen
33: The Killing Zone (F. Downs), Male Psyche & Fighting, BJJ Frustrations, Talking about Yourself, Fear of FailureJul 27, 2016 Listen
32: Privileged People, Leading Women Teams, Discipline Equals Financial Freedom, Does Micromanaging Ever Work?Jul 20, 2016 Listen
31: Book Review, “Four Hours in My Lai” by Michael BiltonJul 13, 2016 Listen
30: Overwhelmed Countering Mental Shut-Down, Losing Temper with your Wife, Loyalty to Co-workers vs AmbitionJul 05, 2016 Listen
29: Book Review. “Platoon Leader: A Memoir of Command in Combat”, James R. McDonoughJun 29, 2016 Listen
28: “Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts, BJJ SOP’s, Going Back to College, Leadership, Who’s Standard to FollowJun 22, 2016 Listen
27: “How to be Strong, Healthy, and Happy”, “I Remember the Last War”, Bob Hoffman, Being Late, Judo VS BJJ, Family/Priority.Jun 15, 2016 Listen
26: Omaha Beach and Beyond, Surfing, Relax during BJJ, Flanking, ManipulationJun 08, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 25: Jody Mitic(Pt.2)Q&A – Mental Prep, Stressful Situations, “Soldier First” Principle, Jody’s WifeJun 01, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 24: Canadian Sniper-Jody Mitic, “Unflinching” Interview & Book ReviewMay 25, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 23: The Art of War “Sun Tzu”, Dealing w/ Betrayal, Sport VS Self-defense BJJ, Campaign for ChangeMay 18, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 22: Mind Control, Knowing Personalities, Greg Jackson, Over-ThinkersMay 11, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 21: Tim Kennedy, Police Self Defense & Use of Force, Women in Special Forces, UFC, ChaosMay 04, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 20: Parenting? Nature VS Nurture? Crossfit? The Jiu Jitsu Grind. Gaining Confidence.Apr 27, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 19: Over-Detachment, Bullying, Helping VS Enabling, Theatrics/Acting, Use of ForceApr 20, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 18: One Soldier’s War, Mobility Workouts, Rehearsals, BUDS Training, CompromiseApr 13, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 17: Band of Brothers, Losing the Fight Going Down Swinging, Jocko/Echo BackstoryApr 06, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 15: Band of Brothers, Henry V, Breaking Rules, Teaching Aggression, Jocko’s BJJ Style, Lazy Habits & ProcrastinationMar 23, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 14: Guilty Pleasures, Storm of Steel book review, Training Schedules, Lazy Delegation, Evals, BUDS FilterMar 16, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 13: Chechens VS Russians, UFC 196 Review, SupplementsMar 09, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 12: What Made Jocko, When to Quit, Mistakes & Trust, Fitness for Military, Switching On & OffMar 02, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 11: Jocko’s Retirement Speech, Leif Babin, Charlie Platoon, Task Unit Bruiser, Stories, Memories, Heroes, and Lessons LearnedFeb 24, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 10: Police, Cussing, and STRESS–Deal with It, USE ITFeb 17, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast #9: “The Motivation” – General Patton, Jiu Jitsu for Streets, Home Gyms, Hero WorshipFeb 10, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 8: USMC Manual(Book Review), Physical Limits, Injuries, Fear of Public SpeakingFeb 03, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 7: Where Does Discipline Come From? Project Jaffna, Gains, & BJJJan 27, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 6: Napoleon, Aggression, Mind ControlJan 20, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 5: Corrective Measures, Workouts, Diet, Marcinko and RollinsJan 13, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 4: Rendezvous With Death, Disrespect, WorkoutsJan 06, 2016 Listen
Jocko Podcast 3: Jocko & Echo (The Last Hundred Yards [book], Jiu Jitsu, Bosses, Failure)Dec 31, 2015 Listen
Jocko Podcast 2: Jocko & Echo (“About Face”, Mental Toughness, NewYears Resolutions?)Dec 28, 2015 Listen
Jocko Podcast 1: Jocko & Echo (Discipline, Ownership)Dec 22, 2015 Listen