115 - Brandon Arnold | The Third Eye Hustle - How To Stay Inspired

Transcendental tinkerer and artist-of-all-trades Brandon Arnold joins the show to talk about doing what he loves, which is creating all kinds of magical artifacts and psychedelic paintings. Check out Third Eye Jewelry online to see wonderful wizard tools and fashionable festie fabrications, including super-sweet steampunk sunglasses and copper-plated honeycombs. Brandon is a great example of what being constantly inspired looks like, and in this episode he helps us define the meaning of being a full-time artist. 
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Things we talked about...Harnessing the power of crystals with wearable artHow a relaxed back symbolizes creative freedomGetting hooked on music festival culture Feeling the call to become an artistZen and the art of paintballingLearning to seize the momentLife as a full-time artistDoing what you love, not what makes the most moneyDisappearing object phenomenon and super charged crystalsPainting on stage with Alex & Alison GreyUsing intuition to know what crystals are best for youInfusing intention into art to bring good things to the life of the receiver
Only In Plus+ (Subscribe!)A cool synchronicity with Brandon that led him to be on the showMental tools to stay grounded and how black tourmaline can helpThe excitement when a creation finds its perfect ownerThe importance of putting proper value on your art A positive perspective about moneyStaying stoked about life and the opportunities that flowLearning by asking yourself how your inner and outer experiences relateWhat its like to be constantly inspired, even in dreamsThe possibility that stress from not living your intended life may suppress your dreams"I get excited about what I do every day--that's the most powerful way to manifest."Diversifying your artistic outlets and how eclectic interests can converge as your unique combination of creative skillsGetting literate with symbols to be empowered by them instead of manipulated

Music This Episode: Drumspyder

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