113 - Josefa Savu | Crystals, Cleansing & Creative Energy

What's the link between crystals and energy? Find out how to use metaphysical tools to clear the static from your creative inspiration signal in this edition of InnerVerse. Josefa Savu joins the show to take us on a knowledge journey about some of the best ways to truly love yourself.

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ResourcesJourney With JosefaCrystals 101 - JWJ on Youtube  Human Design Chart - Visual Aid for Plus+ ExtensionBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse KitSecretEnergy.com

TopicsPhysical mechanics behind the energy contained in crystalsBruce Lipton - How Belief Affects Biology The powers of Hematite, Moldavite, Selenite, and other stonesAwesome wire wraps by Jaz Crazy sychronicity stories involving crystals that seem to have consciousnessHuman Design System: merging astrology, i Ching, DNA and moreImagination and what's really real about realityBook Recommendation - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Using Citrine and Pyrite and conjuring the yang/masculine/creative/sexual energyStones that promote rest, dreams and protection - Labradorite, AmethystFree E-Book - The Code to the Matrix by Seven Bomar Cleaning the organs and tuning your body to become a symphony of genius Chakras Explained beautifully by the cartoon "Avatar: The Last Airbender" How to cleanse and clear energy from crystals and other objects - JWJ on Youtube
Only in the Plus+ Extension (Join Here!)Mechanics and methods of grounding and balancing our energyUpgrading your routine into an empowering ritualHuman design system explained in depthStrategies for connecting to the Divine within others in any situationMore in depth information and encouragement about successfully doing a colon cleanseHow trauma is retained in the body in its water and musculature tension and what can be done to release itSevering our ties to the corporate death machine by purging toxins and parasitesHyper-dimensional Warfare and shared personal experiences with intoxicated people who are possessed like Agent Smith in the Matrix

Episode Music: Mt. Analogue 

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