112 - Ethan Indigo Smith | Meditative Movement & The Matrix of Four

The author Ethan Indigo Smith returns to IP to discuss his book The Matrix of Four. Join us for a rousing conversation about the spiritual significance of four and the path of the righteous rebel. Guaranteed to get your chi flowing!
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Episode TopicsThe basics of the matrix of four - thesis, antithesis, synthesis, nullesisDeep breakdown of the Taiji, or "Grand Ultimate" a.k.a. the yin and yangMaintaining individual principles in a dogmatic & chaotic worldThe worldwide spiritual significance of fourDeveloping the unknown knowledge withinDon't kill the ego, root the ego in awarenessLearning about the power of opposites with GaneshUsing the Matrix of Four to sharpen your Occam's RazorWhy it's good to try and be graceful and "stop the plop"The wisdom of sustained 70% effort in all areas of life

Only In The Plus+ Extension (Check it out!)Plato's Allegory of the Cave and what it teaches about how people process informationSaying No and the power of the Sacred Masculine within ourselvesThe story of Miyamoto Musashi, swordsman and philosopherActivating your own placebo power through meditative movement like Tai Chi and Qi GongExperiencing the chills of signification when perceiving divine order in the cosmosVisionary experiences and the 8th lesson of natural law, which is careBuddha's Four Immeasurables & the 70's sci-fi show The Prisoner1984 and how media causes us to think in clichesMaintaining the beginners mind and always asking questions
Music In This Episode - Living Light 

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