109 - Laurel Airica: Word Magic and the Secret Spells of Language

Get the wax out of your third ear and prepare to expand your vocabulary with the secret spells of the English language! In this conversation, poet and punster Laurel Airica is going to teach us about the magic in everyday words. Here you will hear a fascinating foray into the metaphysics of your mouth-sounds!
Affectionately known as the metaphysical mother goose, Laurel reveals occult meanings hidden before our eyes as unconsciously uttered linguistic white lies. And by exposing the programs inserted in the sentences that make up our lives, she has helped many magical beings break free of language slavery and put spirit back in its place in our hearts and our words.
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Topics & LinksThe joy in playing with words instead of being played by themDeceptively negative words to watch out for "Secret Spells of the English Language - Laurel Airica's viral video from Collective Evolution on Facebook - VIDEO LINK Soul Harmonics and amplifying each other's energy with heartfelt wordsThe Oddity of Theodicy in our OdysseyMagnetic Rhymes and the synesthesia of poetryDid you know you're omnificent?Laurel suggested that I share some my artwork - check it out Our unconscious linguistic collusion with dark forces of world control "Taking Command of the English Language - Laurel Airica - VIDEO LINK Join Laurel's Word Magic forum and help us create new conscious language with a literary lotto - LINK HERE The Language of the Birds - Article by Laurel Airica
PLUS+ Extension (Join Here) Speculation on how English evolved to its current formSynchronicity and cloud paintings, how everything in the world sings and dancesLaurel's work on "The Book of E - A Book of Alphabet Alchemy" and how you can get a free copy on her websiteGetting in sync with higher vibrations instead of sinking into lower frequenciesAwesome book recommendations from LaurelThe philosophy of finding truth by seeking beautyOpening up your third ear and evolving from human kind to human kindnessHow to ask higher powers and parts of yourself for creative inspiration
Episode Music: Soohan

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