103 - Desiree Fultz: The Gathering Mountain, Psychic Insights & Sidereal Astrology

Psychic entertainer, artist & professional astrologer Desiree Fultz joins us for a conversation about magic, divination, and an upcoming event for mages of all persuasions called "The Gathering Mountain" near Eureka Springs, Arkansas this September.
The Plus+ Extension features an analysis of Chance's birth and solar year charts and some good general explanation of the mechanics of sidereal astrology. Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon for double length episode extensions, early access to the show, and more!


Connect with Desiree Fultz!Psychic Insights Astrology 
Join us at this upcoming event in Eureka Springs, AR on September 14th thru 16th!The Gathering Mountain: Festival of Magic & Lore

Episode Music: Council of One 
Episode TopicsTraits of the planet UranusDesiree's personal birth chart reflects interest in astrologyThe difference between tropical and sidereal (Vedic) astrologyStudying the occult and accepting an honest knowledge of ourselvesThe intuitive nature of divination artsThe mythological story of Chiron and its astrological significanceTools for tapping your free flowing creativityDivination as a modality for inward focusHow astrology is like having a GPS map for life that gives you traffic updatesDiscovering your abundant personal resources through astrology and appreciating the less tangible types of wealth we possessUpcoming Magic Festival discussed - The Gathering MountainHow magic works in different ways for everyone

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