100 - Michael Garfield | Imagination, Belief, and Creating Our Future Selves

Today on your favorite far out podcast we have a one man avalanche of creative energy named Michael Garfield on the show. As a live painter AND musician, Michal has a uniquely dynamic perspective on organic culture, not to mention his degree in paleontology, phenomenal podcast called Future Fossils, and a philosophical book in the works called "How To Live In The Future." Join us for a chat about all this and more, as we examine what was and what may be next (hint: possibly superpowers).
Links to Michael Garfield's prolific works:Art at MichaelGarfieldart.com Future Fossils Podcast Michael's music (you heard it in the intro and outro)Preview "How to Live in The Future" and Michael's other writing on Medium Michael on Steemit Michael's Patreon where you can find his huge update from the Interplanetary Festival 
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Episode Topics:Michael's been binge listening to Weird Studies podcastThoughts on the evolution of live painting as a vocationDeconstructing the festival and how we outsource the basic human experienceHow evolution shifts our fundamental ground of beingThe one thing we can guarantee is the more we can predict, the more the unpredictable will grow"What lies beyond the edge of the self is the weird... and after that, the fully unknown"John Peterson on Future Fossils -- talking about the lowering of the veil between this world and othersVirtual Reality and the colonization of the imaginationConsciousness in other species and speculations on how-self awareness emerges
Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!)Philosophy of non-dualism and realizing the inner and outer worlds are not separate The future of the human body and potential for super abilities - see Wim Hoff The 11 other senses beyond the five that are commonly accepted en·an·ti·o·dro·mi·a: the tendency of things to change into their opposites, especially as a supposed governing principle of natural cycles and of psychological development.Michael's list of cool dinosaurs to look out for in the new Jurassic Park movie and his thoughts on what humanity has to gain by studying our ancient antecedentsThoughts on enlightenment and maintaining scientific and spiritual doubt about what we think we know in order to stay on the track of evolutionSynesthesia of time, the wheel of the year and how keeping track of what you do can demonstrate strange temporal sychronicities, like Facebook memories telling you that 1 year ago this day you were thinking the same exact thing as right now"Even if you think you don't have some sort of belief framework that guides the way that you live your life, you're going to find that invisible framework by looking at the problems that you keep running into over and over again, and the assumptions you're bringing into these situations."The homunculus in the brain and how technology becomes part of our inner body map and discovering sensory feeling and being outside the skin

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