4.16 - SoulChi - Protect and Purify Earth's Waters

Matthew Durney a.k.a. SoulChi is the creator of Patchwork Hearts Collective. As a passionate but peaceful warrior on the mission to heal Earth and its inhabitants, he's been on numerous adventures to campaign for the cleanup of the West Lake Landfill and to support the Standing Rock movement. Nowadays though, he's working on learning and teaching permaculture with the InterWoven community in Illinois. 
Patchwork Hearts Collective 
Music in this episode: WisdomTraders
Topics:"Everything we put out, we'll be taking back in one day."Modern technology progression at the expense of future incarnationsRedeeming the actions of our ancestorsPlanning with 7 generations in mindWater holds energy/vibration/information - purify your inner waters with harmonious thoughts, emotions and actionsSoulChi tells the story of being spiritually called to help the water protectors of Standing RockThe radioactive Westlake Landfill - why we should all boycott Republic ServicesWalking The Heart Path (Freedom) instead of feeding the Colonial Mind (Slavery)The Medicine Tribe on FacebookThe purpose of InterWoven Permaculture Farms and Patchwork Hearts CollectiveWhat is true grounding in both physical and spiritual terms?
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Plus+ Extension - SUBSCRIBE!Beta-testing skill share community networksSorting out your heart's desires from your ego's ambitionsComing out of the separation of commerce and re-inhabiting our world village as familyHow the energy of large crowds and gatherings is spiritually siphoned when it's not being intentionally directedPracticing discernment to clear what's unhealthy without judging others heartsSeeing the correlation between the plants in our garden and our human family

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