4.15 - Dream Your Own Adventure with Holly Harper Chesnutt (Glass Cannon)

Holly from the Texas trio Glass Cannon drops by the show to talk about finding your soul by creating music, healing your unconscious by working with dream guides, and turning sleep paralysis into astral travel. 
Glass Cannon on Soundcloud
Episode Notes"Tsunami" music video by Glass Cannon Diving in to full-time self-employmentHow present-moment awareness brings out our infinite creativityRewriting our pasts with loving kindness, creating new narratives about ourselves and healing old woundsHolly explains her lucid dreaming process of working on her emotional and spiritual well-being on all levelsGetting instructions on how to lucid dream while in a dream from the captain of your inner-space ship Holly talks about expressing the message of self love and introspection via her musical vehicle, Glass CannonSome of Holly's clients with her social media management business are musical artists Beats Antique & Clozee, and sex shamaness Bella Levaytips from Holly about using social media wisely as a creative person seeking to connect your art with the world
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Plus+ Extension - Subscribe on Patreon for access!How to set yourself up to succeed, inspire the muse, and have fun doing itSpontaneous meditation induced temporary body transfer: the story that inspired glass cannon's song strange toes: that time holly became an Indian dude in a jungle and was stepped on by an elephant"Strange Toes" by Glass Cannon Learning to healthily process the anger one feels about wanting to rescue someone who refuses help or to help their self"If you're in the grips of something, start climbing your way to a higher perspective as fast as possible and then you'll see the beauty in things again"Empowerment through knowing your own foundational philosophy and choosing that based on your reality experience instead of what others have told youHolly talks about transforming sleep paralysis into communion with the deep unconscious and coming face to face with her past while in an astral bodyDiscussion about how to clean up your consciousness filters and become more sensitive to the totality of realityParanormal activity and missing object phenomenon stories

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