3.3 - Contacting The Unconscious ft. Matt Blystone (Theta Float Spa Owner)

Matt is a radical dude who runs the sensory deprivation float spa in my hometown. We recently hung out to go to see a dream interpretation psychoanalyst give a lecture on Carl Jung and his work with dreams. It sparked us to contemplate the nature of dreams, our unconscious minds, and what the difference between lucidity and unconsciousness really is. It's a deep talk with a wise brother, and I am positive you'll enjoy it. His float spa is found at https://www.theta.life
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Topics and Links:Theta Float Spa (Matt's float joint) and sensory deprivation tanks - https://theta.life/Andrew Sherwood PH. D. - Jungian Dream Analysis - https://goo.gl/l8fPVsThe variety of inner experiences people have while floatingIntegrating negative stories of one's past into positive realizationsLucid dream speculations and apocolyptic dreamsMartial arts, MMA & spiritualityMatt's boot camp experienceBook recommendation: Tribe - On Homecoming & Belonging by Sebastian Younger - https://goo.gl/afVOGpRites of passage & secret societies (Freemasonry; Skull & Bones)- https://goo.gl/tZeDjFWe briefly touch on 9/11 truth and government lies - https://goo.gl/yG5vQ1  Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - https://goo.gl/IFECPbSyncromysticism and messages from the collective unconsciousMatt describes a dystopian future sci-fi novel he's writingThe singularity & AIStolen Burning Man Tickets & Buffalo Hugs (Matt's synchronicity story)The Law of Attraction - You get what you giveThe Seven Sermons to the Dead (by Carl Jung)- https://goo.gl/9kjnv1   Music in this episode: Dreamer's Delight - https://goo.gl/qSzchw
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