1.16 - Pixel-Pusha (Brian Pollett)

The digital innovator of pixelated psychedelia, Brian Pollet, joins InnerVerse. After our meeting at The Untz Festival, it was obvious that Brian would have a lot of unique perspectives and this conversation was far ranged. We covered cats, parasites, botworms, time paradoxes, psychedelics, and a lot of virtual/augmented reality talk. 
Episode Page: https://spark.adobe.com/page/ZC7C9/
Go check out more of his artwork:http://www.psybry.net/https://www.facebook.com/pcibry/https://www.instagram.com/brian_pollett/
Crazy Augmented Reality Future Videohttps://vimeo.com/166807261
Go find Brian at Desert Hearts fest and trip him outl:http://www.deserthearts.us/
Music in this episode:https://soundcloud.com/bitbirdofficial/beaudamian-forte-muller-16https://soundcloud.com/rise-as-one/reid-speed-siskiyou-love-unity

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