1.12 - Metaphysical Dumps (Chris Abert) pt. 2

As always, it was a great time talking with Chris. For his third appearance on InnerVerse, we go into the methods, process, and results of our colon cleanse experience. There was a very diverse range of reactions and although we both wound up feeling stronger and more connected to source after the cleanse, our experiences during the process were interestingly different. From reactions in the external through people and situations to a full fledged out of body experience, we probably cover most of the things you might encounter during a full on liquid only fast and internal cleanse.I plan on getting a page up on www.innerversepodcast.com that will direct listeners to where they can find this kit and other similar resources, so watch out for that. If you have any personal questions about the experience or the process, get in touch with me through whatever channel you prefer. If you want to go check out the site we got the kit and info from, it's www.secretenergy.com
Music for the episode:Saib - SmoothKodak to Graph - IAMANTHEMPsychedeletribe - Nasty (ft. Big K.R.I.T.)

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