How You Can Become A Superconnector with Scott Gerber

In this episode we discuss how to become a “superconnector." We look at the idea that networking is not about tactics, it’s about a fundamental shift in how you think about interacting with people. We examine how to break free from the lazy and shallow networking that social media often creates, discuss why you should never ask “how can I help?”, look at the power of curiosity and asking better questions and much more with our guest Scott Gerber. 
 Scott Gerber is CEO of The Community Company and founder of Young Entrepeneur’s Council. He is also an internationally syndicated columnist, the co-author of Superconnector and the author of Never Get a “Real” Job. Scott has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg and has even been honored by White House.

How do we cut through the quagmire of endless linked-in connections, twitter followers and more?

Self awareness is one of the key attributes of super connectors

Rather than being authentic, we are being internet authentic - social media conscious 

Providing real signal, being human, allowing your humanity to show through - amplify your humanity

We live under the illusion that vanity metrics determine social status

Step one is the cultivation of emotional intelligence

Focus on being of service to others

Networking is not about tactics, its about a fundamental shift in how you think about interacting with people

One of the key principles to networking is that you have to be a real, authentic human

What kind of service / value do you want to bring to a community of peers?

Failure is often a result of not building your relationships and communities

Come from a true place of wanting to help others first

Don’t be a “networker":

A taker

Out for yourself

Wolf in sheeps clothing

Get back down to the basics - guru nonsense, marketing hucksters etc are full of it

A connector thinks about - what questions / context do I need to ask that this person is not giving me, so that I can figure out how to play a role to help them in succeeding in life or business - where I can be helpful?

Why asking “How Can I Help” is the Worst Question

You put the onus on the other person to tell a stranger how they can help

Directionally it provides no guidance

It shows you don’t care - because if you actually wanted to help, you would be curious, keep asking questions, to come up with a thesis and then say “here are some ways I CAN help, proactively”

Offer actual assistance, not the platitude that you can help

It’s the new social script - but it has no meaning or value

You MUST ask better questions. The best connectors are curious. 

Great question - “what does success look like for you?” “what are the steps you need to take to get there”

How to cultivate curiosity and ask better questions

Start with auditing your conversations

Be curious about the other person

Figure out questions that you want to ask people

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