Your Secret Weapon to Becoming Fearless with Jia Jiang

In this episode we explore rejection in depth. We talk about the incredible power of rejection, go deep into rejection therapy, look at the incredible results created by seeking out rejection and living beyond your comfort zone, talk about the magic of asking why, hear a few incredible stories from 100 days of rejection, and much more with our guest Jia Jiang. 
 Jia Jiang is the founder 100 Days of Rejection and the author of Rejection Proof. In an effort to overcome his fear of rejection Jia spent 100 Days forcing himself into situation after situation where rejection was almost guaranteedJia has been featured on the TED Stage, Forbes, Business Insider, and much more.

Jia’s personal relationship with rejection

The misalignment between wanting to achieve and being afraid of rejection

The only way to overcome your fear is to embrace it and meet it head on

How to become a badass and become fearless

Saying no with grace - how to say no with grace

Show people alternatives

Give them something else / help them to get a yes in some way

Have respect

"Everything amazing and beautiful happens outside your comfort zone"

The amazing power of forcing yourself to constantly challenge and operate outside your comfort zone

The importance of understanding the vast majority will stay say no to you and why that doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter when you get rejected

The few people that say yes make a huge impact - a real breakthrough

"How many yesses have I missed in my life?”

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

It’s not about getting a yes - it’s about EXPLORING and CREATING SOMETHING

The worst thing that can happen is you saying no to yourself

It’s about having fun and challenging yourself

Jia’s advice for someone who is afraid to take the first step

How to take the first step and overcome the inertia of facing your first rejection

Start small, just a little bit outside of your comfort zone, and grow

If you ask enough, there is no request that will get rejected by everyone

What to do if you feel like you’re bothering people when you ask them for something

Be curious, don’t make your goal to get a yes - make your goal to ask 10 people 

Turning no into yes, and the magic of asking “why”

Ask people why they said no to you - find out what the reason is

What Jia learned from asking a stranger to plant a flower in his back yard

The power of doubt and empathy

Humor and positivity - don't take yourself too seriously

We go through a bunch of rapid rejection techniques you can use right now

You can do rejection therapy for FUN - or you can align it with you goals! 

Embrace rejection - rejection means something GOOD not something BAD

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