ep 147: Maura Tierney

This week on Unqualified, Anna and Sim welcome the incredibly talented, Golden Globe winning actress, Maura Tierney (NewsRadio, ER, The Affair)! Maura brings her acting chops and intellect to the table as her and Anna engage in some stimulating conversation about… The ins-and-outs of being an actor Whorehouses, stud farms, and Heidi Fleiss    Maura’s volunteer experience in Greece    Next, the ladies jump into an Unqualified game where Maura weighs-in on dating professions like… A brew-master A psychotherapist with a stand-up comedy side-gig A professional poker player A truck driver with a pension for exercising at rest stops A restaurant manager On the phones this week… Amanda, 30, from Chicago needs some advice on how to cope with being left out of a trip to Iceland that her husband is taking with his siblings and their spouses while Amanda is stuck at home with the kids.   Michelle, 31, from San Francisco has an Instagram dating dilemma involving a high school guy that she has reconnected with and is interested in, but she isn’t sure how long to wait for him to ask her out before moving on.     Everyone’s favorite ‘Mom’, Allison Janney, is back for this week’s ad-reads with Anna and Sim – be sure to check out the awesome sponsor deals below!!   BLUE APRON: Anna and Sim come up with a sexy new ad-campaign for Blue Apron involving Allison Janney, a blue apron, and nothing else. If that isn’t enough to get you excited about using Blue Apron, then maybe getting your first three meals free by using Anna’s special link, blueapron.com/unqualified, will inspire you to start cooking with Blue Apron – it’s a better way to cook! ZIP RECRUITER: Whether you need a handyman or a personal assistant, Zip Recruiter has the absolute best candidate to help you get the job done! And right now, dear listeners, you can try Zip Recruiter for FREE by visiting this special link: ziprecruiter.com/unqualified.   23andMe: Anna wows Sim and Allison with her scientific smarts as she explains why ‘23’ is part of the company name, 23andMe, before all three of them break out into a spontaneous jingle where Sim really showcases his creative singing skills – you don’t want to miss this ad-read! You also won’t want to miss the awesome deal that 23andMe is offering now through Thanksgiving – their DNA and ancestry kits are only $49 when you buy two or more kits! Visit 23andme.com/unqualified to get this great deal today! SLEEP NUMBER: Anna doesn’t give a sh*t about Sim’s sleep number – but he shares it anyways. It’s a 65-70, by the way. He also shares that Sleep Number has helped him and Amy argue less because they can each enjoy individual comfort with Sleep Number’s personalized settings and cooling features! He even convinces Allison Janney to get a Sleep Number! Take advantage of the Veteran’s Day Sale and save $400 on a Queen Sleep Number 360c4 Smart Bed, now only $1299! Visit sleepnumber.com/podcast to find the Sleep Number store nearest you!   Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified

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