ep 141: Constance Zimmer

This week’s episode of Unqualified feels like a good ol’ fashioned girl’s night as Anna and Sim welcome the incredibly smart, sexy, talented actress, Constance Zimmer (UNReal, Entourage, House of Cards)! The conversation and laughter flow freely as these two long-time friends chat about what it’s like to be a blonde versus a brunette, Constance’s guest appearance on Mom, and the juicy details from a very memorable, very star-studded group vacation where the two first met. “Dating Deal Breakers” gets down and dirty this week as the ladies explore guys who drink cosmos, Kegels, and some racy sexual activities. And, for the first time in over two years, Anna reintroduces the hilarious game segment, “Bring Something Weird”. Trust us, you do not want to miss the ‘weird’ item that Constance brings with her from home! On the phones this week, the Unqualified team first talks to Holly, 30, from Portland, who is struggling with setting boundaries for her long-distance relationship with her ex-boyfriend.  Next up is Amy, 29, from Northern California, who has been hiding something from her parents and isn’t sure how to come clean. Be sure to check out Constance Zimmer on the final season of House of Cards coming November 2.   Allison Janney joins Anna and Sim for this week’s hilarious ad-reads and awesome sponsor deals! You do not want to miss the hilariously EPIC way that Anna manages to confuse Sim during this week’s ad-read for the new TV show, I Feel Bad. Executive produced by every woman’s imaginary BFF, Amy Pohler, I Feel Bad is about a woman who is desperately trying to be the perfect Mom, the perfect wife, and be 100% perfect at work – something we can all relate to! Check out I Feel Bad premiering October 4 on NBC. Allison Janney was so excited to learn about these ultimate no show socks from Gekks that she actually signed up during the ad-read this week! Gekks use antimicrobial yarns and attach to the inside of your shoes, meaning you never have to deal with stinky feet or slippage! Visit mygekks.com and use code ANNA to get 20% off your first order! Sim hilariously stumbles through the female-focused ad-read for Ritual, a monthly delivery service of sugar-free, non-GMO, allergen-free vitamins made just for women. But there’s nothing funny about the fact that 95% of women don’t get the vitamins and minerals they need.  With Ritual, for $30/month, you can easily get all 9 essential vitamins and minerals every single day. Visit ritual.com/unqualified today! While Sim’s favorite breast size is a 32C, ThirdLove knows that not every woman’s breasts fall into such a specific size category.  With a wide-variety of sizes and no awkward fitting room experiences, ThirdLove can help you find the perfect-fitting bra in 60 seconds or less. Skip the trip and find your perfect fit by visiting ThirdLove.com/unqualified and get 15% your first order.   Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified Constance Zimmer: @ConstanceZimmer

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