ep 140: Adam Rippon

Break out your skates and spandex and get ready to fall in love with this week’s talented and charming Unqualified guest…Adam Rippon, American figure skater and Olympian! Anna wastes no time breaking the ice with Adam, kicking off the episode by asking, “Would you wipe Dame Judi Dench’s butt?” (Spoiler Alert: He would!) Clearly, no topic is off-limits this week as Anna and Adam candidly converse about everything from Adam’s accomplished figure skating career to condoms and hooking up at the Olympic Village. Being the Olympian that he is, Adam champions through the Unqualified game segments, starting with “Would You Swipe Right?”, where Adam weighs in on Cirque du Soleil contortionists, raw food caterers, and UFC Fighters. And on “Dating Deal Breakers”, Adam and Anna debate dating a copper metal enthusiast, an avid Grinder user, and a dildo model. As they head to the phones, Anna, Adam, and Sim help Sarah, 29, from Northern California who is just getting back into the dating game and needs help dealing with a recent ghosting situation. Next up is Jake, 32, calling from Minnesota to get advice on how him and his husband can appropriately incorporate pornography into their relationship.   Don’t miss the very special guest joining Anna and Sim for this week’s ad-reads and be sure to check out the awesome deals from their sponsors! We all know that ‘chef’ is high on Anna’s list of professions that you should never date – and thanks to Blue Apron, you’ll never have to date a chef just to enjoy delicious, professionally prepared meals!  Get your first 3 meals free from Blue Apron by visiting blueapron.com/unqualified and create your own chef-inspired meals without dating a chef! While Cash App can’t literally give you free cash, it can do the next best thing by saving you tons of money on purchases and making it simple for friends to pay you back! Download Cash App today to get your free custom Cash Card and use the Boost program for instant discounts at places like Shake Shack, Chipotle, and Starbucks every time you swipe your card! Hate leaving your home? Love online shopping and saving money? If so, then you and Anna have a lot in common! To start saving money like Anna, download Honey, a free internet browser add-on that automatically searches for and applies the best promo codes to your online shopping carts, instantly saving you money! To add Honey to your browser for free visit joinhoney.com/unqualified Sim unintentionally innovates a new dental care product, the Truth-brush, on this week’s ad-read, and while it’s not a bad idea, the truth is, Quip toothbrushes are already an amazing innovation all on their own! Visit getquip.com/Unqualified to get started with Quip for just $25 (and get your first refill pack free)!   Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified Adam Rippon: @Adaripp

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