Bonus! Jennifer Love Hewitt on “Inside of You” w/ Michael Rosenbaum

Unqualified family member "Inside of You" just released an incredible interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt that was too good not to share here! In her very first podcast interview, Jennifer Love Hewitt (Heartbreakers, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Ghost Whisperer) opens up for the first time publicly about losing her mother in a battle with catastrophic and devastating it was to lose her best friend and what she’s done to deal with the pain since. Then, she talks about coining the phrase "vagazzling", what she learned from dating Jamie Kennedy, and how she's handled fame for the last 29 years. To listen to the full episode as well as amazing interviews with past guests (Kristen Bell, James Gunn, Colin Hanks, Justin Hartley, Emily Kinney), subscribe to Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum on iTunes today.

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