Woke Hoes

This week we focus on engendering the conversation around police violence and white supremacy and offer some perspective on how to care for yourself in tough times. OPENING SONG 
"Step Out" by Superlative Sain & Diverze Koncept LINKS Self Care Flow Chart: http://bit.ly/1FmQ2Rn This Episode's Cover Art is a list of black folks killed by police this year. The names were taken from this interactive site: http://bit.ly/1SQhWZa SOCIAL MEDIA 
SlamPow | IG & Twitter: @slam_pow 
Sam | IG & Twitter: @slamridd | Snap: Samannerz
 Shanika | Twitter: @shanpowell4 | IG: @shanikapowell| Snap: VolcanoVulva

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