26: Talk Dirty To Me

Escort tipped with Monkey, Lil Kim, Oral Sodomy & Oklahoma, Racist Nudes, Ezekiel Elliot's crop top, DeAndre Levy's Sexual Assault Article, #Manboobsforboobs, Dirty Talk, Hoe Trip, Shanika says Goodbye, Squirting, Cumming & More! TRIGGER WARNING Description of Sexual Assault 00:11:53 OPENING SONG "Mind Gone" by Superlative Sain & Diverze Koncept https://soundcloud.com/djoddtodd/mind-goneprodnajaesbeats-superlative-sain-x-diverze-koncept SOCIAL MEDIA SlamPow | IG & Twitter: @slam_pow Sam | IG & Twitter: @slamridd | Snap: Samannerz Shanika | Twitter: @shanpowell4 | IG: @shanikapowell| Snap: VolcanoVulva

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