What's new in App Engine with Steren Giannini and Stewart Reichling

Mark and Melanie are your hosts again this week as we talk with Steren Giannini and Stewart Reichling discussing what’s new with App Engine. Particularly its new second generation runtime, allowing headless Chrome, and better language support! And automatic scalability to make your life easier, too. App Engine also has an interesting way of inspiring new Google products. Tune in to learn more! Steren Giannini Steren Giannini is a Product Manager on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). He graduated from École Centrale Lyon, France and then was CTO of a startup that created mobile and multi-device solutions. After joining Google, Steren launched Stackdriver Error Reporting and now focuses on GCP’s serverless offering. Recently, Steren has been working on upgrading App Engine’s auto scaling system and bringing Node.js to App Engine standard environment. Stewart Reichling Stewart Reichling is a Product Manager on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). He is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology and has worked across Strategy, Marketing and Product Management at Google. He currently works on bringing new runtimes (Python, Node.js, +more to come!) to App Engine and Cloud Functions. Cool things of the week Robot dance party: How we created an entire animated short at Next ‘18 blog What’s happening in BigQuery: integrated machine learning, maps, and more blog Protecting against the new “L1TF” speculative vulnerabilities blog Interview App Engine site Deploying Node.js on App Engine standard environment video Introducing headless Chrome support in Cloud Functions and App Engine blog Node 8 site Python 3.7.0 site App Engine PHP 7.2 Runtime Environment Beta site Headless Chrome site GCPPodcast Episode 23: Humble Bundle with Andy Oxfeld podcast Google Cloud Datastore site App Engine Task Queue site Ubuntu site gVisor site Open-sourcing gVisor, a sandboxed container runtime blog App Engine Documentation site gcloud app deploy site To send feedback, email stewartr@google.com or steren@google.com App Engine Google Group forum Operating Serverless Apps with Google Stackdriver video App Engine’s new auto scaling system - scheduler blog Question of the week What does it mean when the recommendation is to update your image? Getting Image Vulnerabilities site Updating Managed Instance Groups site Node Images site Where can you find us next? Melanie will be at Deep Learning Indaba and Strangeloop. Mark will be at Pax Dev and Pax West starting August 28th. In September, he’ll be at Tokyo NEXT and Strangeloop.

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