Dataprep with Eric Anderson

On this week’s podcast, Eric Anderson shares how Dataprep helps summarize, transform, visualize and cleanup data on the Google Cloud Platform. When doing data analysis, typically data munging can take up most of the time and this serverless tool helps optimize the process. About Eric Anderson Eric is a Product Manager at Google working on Cloud Dataprep and recently Cloud Dataflow. Previously he was at Amazon Web Services, Harvard Business School, General Electric and University of Utah. He’s from Salt Lake City, Utah and lives in Mountain View, California with and wife and three kids. Cool things of the week Intel Performance Libraries and Python Distribution enhance performance and scaling of Intel Xeon Scalable (‘Skylake’) processors on GCP blog The hidden costs of cloud blog and Server Density podcast Monitor and manage your costs with Cloud Platform billing export to BigQuery blog and Public Datasets podcast Kaggle TensorFlow Speech Recognitiion Challenge site Interview Cloud Dataprep site docs Cloud Dataflow site docs 7 Steps to Mastering Data Preparation with Python blog Design Your Pipeline blog Apache Beam site Question of the week What is feature engineering? Intro to Feature Engineering with TensorFlow video Where can you find us next? Mark will be Montreal in December to speak at Montreal International Games Summit.
Melanie will be at NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems) in Long Beach in December

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