Cloud Functions and Firebase Hosting with David East

Firebase Developer Advocate David East joins Francesc and Mark to discuss the mega powerful combination of Firebase Hosting and Cloud Functions for Firebase! About David East David East is a Developer Advocate for Firebase at Google. Web die-hard. Also possibly the shortest bio on the podcast. Cool things of the week Introducing custom roles, a powerful way to make Cloud IAM policies more precise blog Serverless Transfer Learning with Cloud ML Engine and Keras blog Five things learned using terraform to manage cloud infrastructure blog Interview Firebase Hosting site docs Cloud Functions for Firebase site docs Cloud Functions for Firebase Sample Library github Serve Dynamic Content with Cloud Functions docs Cloud Hosting: Deploying Your Site docs Express Javascript Framework site Cache Control Headers w3c Server-side Rendering with JavaScript Frameworks youtube Node.js apps on Firebase Hosting Crash Course youtube Question of the week How do I learn more about Google Cloud? I love the docs, but I’m looking for something more like online classes - what can I do? The Google Cloud Coursera Course, Starting Oct 16 site Where can you find us next? Francesc is currently presenting at Google Cloud Summit Paris right after speaking at Velocity London, and then heading back to Paris for dotGo. Mark is heading to Australia for GDG Devfest Melbourne and Game Connect Asia Pacific and will be hanging out at Unite Melbourne and PAX Australia.

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