BigQuery Under the Hood with Tino Tereshko and Jordan Tigani

Have you ever wanted to know what powers BigQuery under the hood? Tino Tereshko and Jordan Tigani sit in front of the microphone with co-hosts Mark and Francesc to talk all about it! About Tino Tereshko Tino is the Big Data Lead for Office of the CTO at Google Cloud, focusing on building strategic relationships with the world’s top Enterprises in the interest of sharing and accelerating technological innovation. Tino hails from the BigQuery team, where he solved difficult cloud-native product problems, enabled Googlers and customers, and built programs like BigQuery Pacific. In earlier years Tino held various positions of leadership in several Silicon Valley startups, and could be found working as a quant developer on the floor of the Chicago Board of Equities at a boutique market making firm. Tino holds a Bachelor`s degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics from University of California - Davis. When not at work, you can usually find him playing beach volleyball, cycling, skiing, paddle boarding, or enjoying a nice glass of wine. About Jordan Tigani Jordan was one of the founding engineers on Google BigQuery, wrote the first book on the subject, and is now the engineering lead of the product. Before Google, he worked at a number of star-crossed startups, and also spent time at Microsoft in the Windows kernel team and MSR. Cool things of the week This week in Google Cloud Platform medium This week in Google Cloud — “Premium and Standard networking tiers, NYT Games on App Engine, Puppet for GCP, and a firewall for App Engine” blog Creating a GCP type provider in 6 (well 7) easy steps blog Aja Hammerly’s Battleship blog series Interview BigQuery site docs BigQuery under the hood blog Dremel paper Borg and Kubernetes with John Wilkes podcast Question of the week I want to talk to to my phone like it’s J.A.R.V.I.S. and make it do things. How can I build a bot to do this? Cloud Speech API site docs Cloud Natural Language Processing API site docs API.AI site docs Intents docs Go library github BigQuery Where can you find us next? Francesc will be presenting at Google Cloud Summit in Sydney and Google Cloud Summit in Chicago in September. In October, he’ll be presenting at Velocity London, Google Cloud Summit Paris and Devfest Nantes Mark is speaking at Austin Game Conference and attending Strangeloop in September. He is also heading to Australia in October for GDG Devfest Melbourne and Game Connect Asia Pacific and will be hanging out at Unite Melbourne and PAX Australia.

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