Public Datasets with Mike Hamberg and Will Curran

If you have ever wanted to play with huge datasets - this is the episode for you! Partner Operations Manager Mike Hamberg and Program Manager Will Curran join your co-hosts Francesc and Mark to talk through all the public datasets that Google Cloud Platform hosts for you on BigQuery and Google Compute Storage. About Mike Hamberg Mike works on helping Google teams and partners take raw data from the web and make it look beautiful and usable in BigQuery (and other platforms like Merchant Center). About Will Curran Will is a program manager in Google Cloud, focused on Data and Analytics partners and passionate about improving access to the world’s datasets.
One of the programs he manages is the Cloud Public Datasets program. Cool things of the week Google Cloud Platform expands to Australia with new Sydney region - open now announcement locations Why We’re Moving to Google Cloud Platform blog Story of a successful migration to Google Cloud Platform blog Interview Public Datasets site bigquery BigQuery site Google Cloud Storage site Reddit BigQuery subreddit TIL BigQuery site Have a public dataset you want to make public, email Question of the week I need better visualisation into my billing and product usage - what can I do? Visualize GCP Billing using BigQuery and Data Studio blog dashboard demo Where can you find us next? Francesc be running a workshop at QCon New York on Go tooling based on this video, after that he’ll be at GopherCon in Denver! Mark will be hosting the Playcrafting Playtest Night in San Francisco and speaking at Google Cloud Summit, New York with in July.

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