Spinnaker with Steven Kim and Christopher Sanson

Yesterday Spinnaker reached its version 1.0, today Francesc and Mark talk to Steven Kim and Christopher Sanson about it! Spinnaker is an open-source multi-cloud continuous delivery platform used in production at companies like Netflix, Waze, Target, and Cloudera, plus a new open-source command line interface (CLI) tool called halyard that makes it easy to deploy Spinnaker itself About Steven Kim Steven Kim is an engineering manager at Google based in New York City, focused on build and delivery systems. Prior to Google, Steven ran engineering teams at DreamWorks Animation, and was a part of the technical leadership in new initiatives at the studio. About Christopher Sanson Christopher Sanson is the Product Manager for Cloud Container Builder, Spinnaker, and Cloud CICD at Google. Prior to joining Google he ran his own software development company, building web and mobile apps for companies from startups to the Fortune 100. Cool things of the week Coolest features of Google Container Builder blog post by Ahmet Alp Balkan Know thy enemy: how to prioritize and communicate risks - CRE life lessons blog post #72 Customer Reliability Engineering with Luke Stone gcppodcast Sherol Chen’s page on Machine Learning Eliza Effect Interview Spinnaker spinnaker.io Spinnaker 1.0: a continuous delivery platform for cloud announcement Release Engineering chapter of the SRE book Deploying the Netflix API Netflix Tech Blog Spinnaker on Google Cloud Deployment Manager Spinnaker Meetup in San Francisco meetup.com Join the Spinnaker Channel on Slack join.spinnaker.io Question of the week Could you clarify the pricing model for Google Cloud Source Repositories? Cloud Source Repositories Pricing and Quota Where can you find us next? Francesc will be running a workshop at QCon New York on Go tooling based on this video, after that he’ll be at GopherCon in Denver! Mark is going on vacation for a few weeks - but

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