Cloud Video Intelligence API with Sara Robinson

Have you ever wanted to apply Cloud Vision API to videos? Well, Sara Robinson is here to tell your co-hosts Mark and Francesc about Cloud Video Intelligence API, which allows you to do that and much more. About Sara Robinson Sara is a Developer Advocate on Google’s Cloud Platform team, focusing on big data and machine learning. She helps developers build awesome apps through demos, online content, and events. Sara has a bachelor’s degree in Business and International Studies from Brandeis University. When she’s not programming she can be found on a spin bike, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, or finding the best ice cream in New York. Cool things of the week Getting started with Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy blog post Distributed tracing for Go blog post 220,000 cores and counting: MIT math professor breaks record for largest ever Compute Engine job blog post Interview Announcing Google Cloud Video Intelligence API, and more Cloud Machine Learning updates announcement Cloud Video Intelligence API docs Cloud Next Video Intelligence API demo recording YouTube blog post Hackernoon source code GitHub Users we mentioned: Cantemo Wix Media Platform Tensorflow: An open-source software library for Machine Intelligence docs Cloud Video Intelligence API Question of the week Q: What is the recommended strategy for backups and restores on VMs Creating Persistent Disk Snapshots docs Google Cloud Storage Nearline docs How to Design a Disaster Recovery Plan solution Where can you find us next? Mark is going to be hosting the Playcrafting + Extra Life Game Jame & Game Fest, raising money for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals. Finally he’ll be in Sweden for Nordic Games Conference as well. He also recently published a blog post on Scaling Dedicated Game Servers with Kubernetes: Part 1 – Containerising and Deploying. Francesc will be presenting at the New York Google Developer Group for a Serverless event! Francesc has also released a new Just for Func episode, covering the implementation of the Context package!

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