Day 2 at Cloud Next

One more day, Francesc and Mark are back with a daily episode from Google Cloud Next! Today we interview some of the many Google Cloud Partners attending the conference. Video Highlights Keynote Highlights in under 5 minutes! Full Day 2 Keynote Our favorite announcements Free usage limits for Google Cloud Platform products PostgreSQL now available on Google Cloud SQL docs Interviews Martin Sleeman from Tableau Martin Sleeman tells us about Tableau and the amazing demo they built for his talk that you can watch here: Visualizing big data on Google Cloud. Ed Bender from Fastly Ed Bender joined us to talk about Fastly, an amazing edge network, and told us about their partnership and the history of their relationship with Google. They also had a session and you can find all the details here Selecting the right storage class for your use-case: from content delivery and big data analytics to cold storage. Jonathan Lieberman from Itopia Itpopia is “The Fastest Way to Deploy Desktops in The Google Cloud” and its CEO and co-founder Jonathan Lieberman joined us to tell us all about it. James Williams from Udacity James Williams is an Android Curriculum Lead at Udacity. Udacity is an online educiation platform with some amazing Google courses (more here). We also highlighted the Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes course, and you should definitely go check it out! More about Cloud Next You can watch the live stream! Francesc’s talk is already online: Google Cloud Endpoints: serving your API to the world Mark’s talk is also online here: Building massive online worlds with SpatialOS and Google Cloud Platform More daily episodes to come - stay tuned! Come find us on the ground floor at Moscone!

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