Cloud Networking with Ines Envid

Ines Envid, a Product Manager for Cloud Networking, joins the podcast today to tell us how mind blowing Google’s network is and how you can make the best of it! Let Francesc and Mark ask all the questions about VPCs, Load Balancers, and Routers you always wanted to know the answer to. About Ines Ines is a product manager in Cloud Networking. She has dedicated her career to in product, and development roles for carrier and enterprise networking infrastructure and applications, from access, edge and backbone cores. Ines is currently leading the Google cloud networking VPC topology and policy product areas. Cool things of the week New undersea cable expands capacity for Google APAC customers and users blog Managing containerized ASP.NET Core apps with Kubernetes blog We’re Hiring join us! New undersea cable expands capacity for Google APAC customers and users Interview Google Cloud Networking docs Google Cloud Security docs Google Security Whitepaper research Using Networks and Firewalls docs Google Cloud Load Balancer docs VPCs: Virtual Private Clouds aka Cloud Virtual Networks docs IP addresses, ranges, and subnetworks docs Google Cloud VPN docs Jupiter Rising: A Decade of Clos Topologies and Centralized Control in Google’s Datacenter Network research Want to learn the more? Using Google’s cloud networking products: a guide to all the guides Question of the week How do I use the Proxy protocol with a network load balancer? How can I know the IP address of the original sender in a TCP connection over Load Balancers? SSL proxy for Google Cloud Load Balancing docs Were will we be? You can find Mark at Connect.Tech in Atlanta from October 20th to the 22nd, and the week after that GAMEACON in Atlantic City. Francesc is working on more episodes of justforfunc before he goes to Brazil next month for GopherCon Brasil and GCPNext Brazil.

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