Rainforest QA with Russell Smith

Russell Smith, cofounder and CTO of Rainforest QA, joins the podcast to explain to your dear cohosts Francesc and Mark how they power their analytics platform with BigQuery, streaming thousands of rows per second. About Russell Russell is the CTO & Co-Founder of Rainforest QA. In a past life he provided consultancy for startups & companies around development, ops, architecture design and capacity planning. Specialties: Development, developer workflow, devops, linux, Debian, CI, benchmarking, profiling, bug fixing, performance, scalability, ops planning, capacity planning / modeling, lols. Russell has tons of ops experience, mad coding skillz and 0 knowledge of geography. He loves hacking on open source, running meetups and arguing about startups. Cool things of the week Kubernetes 1.4: Kubernetes 1.4: Making it easy to run on Kubernetes anywhere blog Installing Kubernetes on Linux with kubeadm docs Scheduled Jobs in Kubernetes 1.4 docs Kubernetes The Hard Way docs Using App Engine to start a Compute Engine VM medium Interview RainforestQA homepage Selenium webdriver Firebase Device Lab docs BigQuery Stream API docs re:dash Open Source Data Collaboration and Visualization Platform docs BigQuery Paritioned Tables docs Historical Data is 50% cheaper on BigQuery announcement BigQuery standard SQL docs Question of the week How to react to email from Google Cloud - Receiving Emails from App Engine docs App Engine Services docs Compute as a Continuum gcppodcast.com Were will we be? You can find Mark at SIEGE from October 7th to 9th Francesc will be in New York running a Go workshop on October 5th, and then he’ll do a similar meetup this time online.

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