Cloud Spanner with Deepti Srivastava

On the heels of the Cloud Spanner launch, Deepti Srivastava joins your hosts Francesc and Mark on this week’s podcast to talk all about this globally distributed, horizontally scalable, relational database that also provides global consistency and ACID transactions! About Deepti Deepti Srivastava is passionate about technology and its ability to be a positive change enabler. As Product Manager for Cloud Spanner, on Google’s Cloud Platform, Srivastava works on best in class Cloud Databases and Storage technologies. Srivastava is an enthusiastic member of Women@Google and a passionate advocate of STEM education, especially for girls. She also enjoys dancing, snowboarding and all things fashion. Cool thing of the week Each Google Cloud Product described in 4 words or less tweet doc Google Cloud and YouTube-8M Challenge blog Interview Cloud Spanner site docs Introducing Cloud Spanner: a global database service for mission-critical applications blog Inside Cloud Spanner and the CAP Theorem blog Quizlet Tests Cloud Spanner — The Most Sophisticated Cloud Database blog Don’t Give Up on Serializability Just Yet • Neha Nerula youtube CAP Theorom wikipedia Spanner: Google’s Globally-Distributed Database white paper Spanner, TrueTime and the CAP Theorem white paper Cloud Next: Cloud Spanner 101: Google’s mission-critical relational database schedule Cloud Next: Cloud Spanner 201: getting the most out of Cloud Spanner schedule Ben Sigelman will present Spanner: Google’s Globally-Distributed Database youtube Spanner: No-Compromise Relational Database Service Question of the week How do I run a mail server on the cloud? Sending Mail from a Virtual Machine docs Sending Email with SendGrid docs Sending Email with Mailgun docs Sending Email with Mailjet docs SMTP relay: Route outgoing non-Gmail messages through Google docs Were will we be? Mark will be at GDC and afterwards he’ll be speaking at Cloud NEXT, both in San Francisco. Francesc will be at Gophercon India, at Cloud NEXT, and then Gopher China.

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