Episode 34: "You Can't Handle The Orc!" with Jacquie Shriver

This week, the Person Who Casts/Directs/Schedules and Does a Million Other Miscellaneous Things in Making Video Games (best title ever!), Jacquie Shriver (@jacquieshriver), shares her story, her expertise, and INVALUABLE advice for auditions and vocal stress, as we explore what's REALLY going on the other side of the glass during a video game VO session. Tune in to find out who the "dev team" is, why every actor should know and appreciate these amazing artists, and a discussion on the morality of killing virtual characters in this fantastic new episode of All Over Voiceover. Jacquie worked at Sony Playstation for years and is now launching Side LA. Watch their site for cool new updates about this exciting new studio space. www.side.com

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