44: Old Man Logan/Rogan?

Nobody knows what happened on the night the Internet fell. All we know is that podcasters disappeared with it, and evil triumphed. Johnny and Shane have a plan though: to deliver a package to a rebel group that might be able to restart the Internet and restore the power to the people. But to get there, they're going to need a little help... help from a legend, that maybe... still lives. Old Man Logan is an alternative version of the Marvel Comics' character Wolverine. This character is an aging version of Wolverine, living in an alternate future universe (designated as Earth-807128) where supervillains have overthrown the superheroes and evil reigns.  You can now keep track of what we're up to, find out where to find us, or download episodes directly, from our new website: www.DisasterArtistsPodcast.com. You can even support the show by buying a t-shirt from the store.   Our Podcast recommendation  this week was Ranking The Kingdom www.rankingthekingdom.libsyn.com/podcast

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