Cupbearing 101

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Nehemiah. He had a really cushy life and no major problems that we know about.  He had a heart for others which is the reason we know about him today.  Lots to learn from this guy and I outlined my favorites in this mini-episode today.  Honestly, posting just ME talking is scary. It's scary because I feel like my words alone don't matter. That you only listen to hear my guests. I feel like I need to apologize for it or tell you it's short so you'll consider tuning in.

I don't tell you all that so you'll encourage me. I tell you so it will encourage YOU. You might not think you have enough of an influence where you are to make even the tiniest difference and because of that, you never try. Listen sisters, I have a nationally ranked podcast and I STILL don't think my voice matters. The same liar talks to both of us. And if we give him the time of day, he can be pretty convincing! I read some things in Nehemiah this morning and felt prompted to share them with you. So I stepped out and did a weird thing. I hope it encourages you in your own weirdness!

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