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MD Podcast Episode 197: Incorporating Buzz Rolls, Storing Gear, Essential Gig Skills, and MoreJun 21, 2019 Listen
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MD Podcast Episode 193: Luke Bryan’s Kent Slucher, Developing a Teaching Curriculum, George Way Aristocrat Drumset, and MoreMay 24, 2019 Listen
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MD Podcast Episode 191: Marcus Gilmore, Moving Around the Kit With Jost Nickel, INDe Snare, and MoreMay 10, 2019 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 190: Louis Cole, the Pu-Du-Du Pattern, Barton Vintage Beech Drumset, and MoreMay 03, 2019 Listen
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MD Podcast Episode 186: Pink’s Mark Schulman, Funkifying Your Swing Feel, Pfeifer Snares, and MoreApr 05, 2019 Listen
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MD Podcast Episode 172: Death Cab For Cutie’s Jason McGerr, Stretching Myths, Turkish Travel Cymbals, and More!Dec 21, 2018 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 171: Halestorm’s Arejay Hale, Applying Flams to the Kit, Angel Snare Drums, and MoreDec 14, 2018 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 170: Gergo Borlai, Developing a Pattern, A&F Raw Copper Snare, and MoreDec 07, 2018 Listen
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MD Podcast Episode 168: Clinics Recap, Travis McNabb, Drumset Ergonomics, Tama Classic Stands, and MoreNov 23, 2018 Listen
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MD Podcast Episode 164: Boots Greene, Getting Comfortable with Fives and Sevens, Roland TM-6 Pro, and MoreOct 26, 2018 Listen
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MD Podcast Episode 162: Richard Spaven, Hi-Hat Accents, Audio-Technica AT2035, and MoreOct 12, 2018 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 161: Clutch’s JP Gaster, Essential Cymbal Patterns, Ddrum Dios Snares, and MoreOct 05, 2018 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 160: Jonathan Barber, Setting and Reassessing Goals, UE 6 Pro IEMs, and MoreSep 28, 2018 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 159: Train’s Drew Shoals, Kicked-Up Bell Patterns, Canopus Hybrid Hardware, and MoreSep 21, 2018 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 158: Damian Marley’s Courtney Diedrick, Sight-Reading Basics, Roland TD-17KVX kit, and MoreSep 14, 2018 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 157: Kendrick Lamar’s Tony “Rico” Nichols, Tooling With Perspectives, Paiste Masters Dry and Extra Rides, and MoreSep 07, 2018 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 156: Bruno Mars’ Eric Hernandez, Pre-Gig Routines, Sugar Percussion Mahogany Kit, and MoreAug 31, 2018 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 155: Barrett Martin, Yamaha EAD10, Bonham Kick Triplets, and MoreAug 24, 2018 Listen
Modern Drummer Podcast Episode 154: Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie, Belly Dance Rhyhms for Drumset, Bone Maple/Carbon Fiber Kit, and MoreAug 10, 2018 Listen
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Podcast Episode 146: Stanley Clarke’s Mike Mitchell, Developing the Weaker Hand, Tempest Bell Bronze Snare, and MoreJun 08, 2018 Listen
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Episode 140: Blake Richardson, What You Need to Know About Bass Drum Heads, Turkish Lale Kardes Cymbals, and MoreApr 27, 2018 Listen
Episode 139: Paramore’s Zac Farro, Breaking Up the Ride, 101 Drums Woodfiber Snare, and MoreApr 20, 2018 Listen
Episode 138: Travis Orbin, Five-Note Phrasing, Yamaha Tour Custom Drumset, and MoreApr 13, 2018 Listen
Episode 137: St. Vincent’s Matt Johnson, Reading Music Pros and Cons, Zildjian K Sweets, and MoreApr 06, 2018 Listen
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Modern Drummer Podcast Episode 133: Tony Royster Jr, Organic Odd-Time Patterns, Sabian FRX Series, and MoreMar 09, 2018 Listen
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Episode 124: Matt Wilson, the Moeller Method, Hendrix Perfect Ply Drums, and MoreJan 05, 2018 Listen
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Episode 122: The New Pornographers’ Joe Seiders, Three-Note Grouping Variations, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, and MoreDec 22, 2017 Listen
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Episode 120: Taylor Hawkins, Linear Drumming Basics, Dream Energy Series Crashes, and MoreDec 08, 2017 Listen
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Modern Drummer Podcast Episode 118: PASIC 2017 Report, John Blackwell Jr. Remembered, Black Swamp Dynamicx Snares, and MoreNov 17, 2017 Listen
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Modern Drummer Podcast Episode 112: Green Day’s Tré Cool, Drum Hoops, Roland GO:MIXER, and MoreOct 06, 2017 Listen
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Modern Drummer Podcast Episode 109: Tony Williams’ Innovations, Developing Dynamics, HeadHunters Hybrid Rods, and MoreSep 15, 2017 Listen
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Mike and Mike Podcast Episode 106: Music Theory for Drummers, R&B Legend James Gadson, UA Apollo 8P, and MoreAug 25, 2017 Listen
Mike and Mike Podcast Episode 105: Defining Greatness, Chris Turner, Dunnett Titanium Snare, and MoreAug 18, 2017 Listen
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Episode 98: How to Use a Metronome, Death Cab for Cutie’s Jason McGerr, Doc Sweeney Oak Snare, and MoreJun 23, 2017 Listen
Episode 97: Building Confidence, Mutemath’s Darren King, Remo P3 Felt Tones, and MoreJun 16, 2017 Listen
Podcast Episode 96: 50 Years of Rock, Drum Mixing 101, UFIP Cymbals, and MoreJun 09, 2017 Listen
Mike and Mike Podcast Episode 95: Tom Tuning, Nir Z, RTOM Black Holes, and MoreJun 02, 2017 Listen
Episode 94: Chris Coleman, Snare Drum Tuning, Nord Drum 3P, and MoreMay 26, 2017 Listen
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Episode 92: Orchestrating Grooves, MMW’s Billy Martin, Bucks Co. Mahogany Kit, and MoreMay 12, 2017 Listen
Episode 91: Michael Miley, Hi-Hat Splashes, Vic Firth MJC Sticks, and MoreMay 05, 2017 Listen
Episode 90: Anika Nilles, Playing Melodically, Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Series, and MoreApr 28, 2017 Listen
Episode 89: Brann Dailor, Developing Finger Control, Gibraltar Stealth G-Drive pedals, and MoreApr 21, 2017 Listen
Episode 88: Steve Gadd, Incorporating Flams, Sensory Percussion, and MoreApr 13, 2017 Listen
Episode 87: 2017 Readers Poll Winners, Practicing Transcriptions, Evans UV1 Drumheads, and MoreApr 07, 2017 Listen
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Episode 84: Stickings That Rock, Dale Crover, Tama Stands, and MoreMar 17, 2017 Listen
Episode 83: Matt Garstka, How to Practice Syncopation, Dixon Little Roomer, and MoreMar 10, 2017 Listen
Episode 82: Clyde Stubblefield, Improving the Double-Stroke Roll, Istanbul Mehmet X-Ray Series, and MoreMar 07, 2017 Listen
Episode 81: Dave Weckl, Conquering Stage Fright, ddrum Max kit, and MoreFeb 24, 2017 Listen
Episode 80: Listener Questions, A&F Rude Boy Snare, and MoreFeb 17, 2017 Listen
Episode 79: Classic ’80s Tracks, Brian Dunne, DW Beaters, and MoreFeb 10, 2017 Listen
Episode 78: Drum Fills, Kenny Aronoff, Noble & Cooley Snares, and MoreFeb 03, 2017 Listen
Episode 77: Favorite Fills, Ray Luzier, Gibraltar Beat EFX, and MoreJan 27, 2017 Listen
Episode 76: Ergonomics, Blair Sinta, Paiste Rides, and MoreJan 20, 2017 Listen
Episode 75: Stella Mozgawa, Transcribing Drum Parts, Natal Café Racer, and MoreJan 13, 2017 Listen
Episode 74: Benny Greb, Favorite Hi-Hats, AT2020USBi Mic, and MoreJan 06, 2017 Listen
Episode 73: Snare Drum Effects, Renewing Goals, DW Cherry/Mahogany Kit, and MoreDec 30, 2016 Listen
Episode 72: Drum Gear Trends, Frank Ferrer, DrumLites, and MoreDec 16, 2016 Listen
Episode 71: Chris Dave, Feel Vs. Analysis, Istanbul Mehmet Rides, and MoreDec 09, 2016 Listen
Episode 70: Questions, Questions, and More QuestionsDec 02, 2016 Listen
Episode 69: Favorite Warm-Ups, Jerry Marotta, SPD-SX, and MoreNov 28, 2016 Listen
Episode 68: The Six-Stroke Roll, Tama Pedals, and More!Nov 18, 2016 Listen
Episode 67: Gig Bag Essentials, Michael Shrieve, Canopus Snares, and MoreNov 11, 2016 Listen
Episode 66: Ash Soan, Gretsch Hammered Steel Snare, and MoreNov 04, 2016 Listen
Episode 65: Ralph Peterson, Zildjian Avedis Series, and MoreOct 28, 2016 Listen
Episode 64: Odd-Time Songs, Dynamics, Yamaha Recording Custom, and MoreOct 21, 2016 Listen
Episode 63: Seat Heights, 26″ Giant Beat, and MoreOct 14, 2016 Listen
Episode 62: Bass Drum Technique, Brad Wilk, and MoreOct 07, 2016 Listen
Episode 61: Will Calhoun, Memorable Drum Solos, and MoreSep 30, 2016 Listen
Episode 60: Drum Tuning, Evans Calftone Heads, and MoreSep 23, 2016 Listen
Episode 59: Kick Pedals, Will Kennedy, and MoreSep 16, 2016 Listen
Episode 58: Favorite Drum Tracks, Charles Haynes, Turkish Cymbals, and MoreSep 09, 2016 Listen
Episode 57: Building Dynamics, Shannon Forrest, and MoreSep 02, 2016 Listen
Episode 56: Learning Licks, Jimmy Chamberlin, and MoreAug 26, 2016 Listen
Episode 55: Charting Songs, Alex Rudinger, and MoreAug 19, 2016 Listen
Episode 54: Developing a Drum Solo, Zildjian S Family, and MoreAug 12, 2016 Listen
Episode 53: Larnell Lewis, Tama Superstar Classic, and MoreAug 05, 2016 Listen
Episode 52: Building Hand Speed, Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dun, and MoreJul 29, 2016 Listen
Episode 51: Johnny Craviotto, Learning Grooves, and MoreJul 25, 2016 Listen
Episode 50: All Listener QuestionsJul 15, 2016 Listen
Episode 49: Ostinatos, Craig Blundell, Sabian Vanguards, and MoreJul 08, 2016 Listen
Episode 48: Jay Weinberg, Adding Textures, Ddrum Reflex Kit, and MoreJul 01, 2016 Listen
Episode 47: Practicing on Pillows, Derico Watson, and MoreJun 24, 2016 Listen
Episode 46: Notation Basics, Jost Nickel, Bone Essence Kit, and MoreJun 17, 2016 Listen
Episode 45: Learning Songs, Paiste Big Beats, and MoreJun 10, 2016 Listen
Episode 44: Compression, Dunnett Snares, and MoreJun 03, 2016 Listen
Episode 43: Carter McLean, Flowing Between Subdivisions, MD 40th Anniversary Cherry Snare, and MoreMay 27, 2016 Listen
Episode 42: Teaching Beginners, Claus Hessler, Doc Sweeny Snares, and MoreMay 20, 2016 Listen
Episode 41: Groove Construction, Jimmy Branly, Masterwork Cymbals, and MoreMay 13, 2016 Listen
Episode 40: Listener Questions, Peter Erskine, Kumu’s Limited Series Kits, and MoreMay 06, 2016 Listen
Episode 39: Independence Over Foot Ostinatos, Two-Mic Recording and Mixing, Modern Drummer’s 40th Anniversary snares, and MoreApr 29, 2016 Listen
Episode 38: Listener Questions, Dawson’s Two-Mic Setup and Mixing Process, Paiste Signature Combo Crisp Rhythmatist Hi-Hats, and MoreApr 22, 2016 Listen
Episode 37: Paradiddle-Diddle Rudiment, NYC-Based Session Drummer Ron Thaler, Paiste Ride Cymbals, and MoreApr 15, 2016 Listen
Episode 36: Bass Drum Mics and Miking Techniques, Abe Cunningham, Canopus Solid Brass and Harvey Mason Signature Snares, and MoreApr 08, 2016 Listen
Episode 35: Andrés Forero, Listener Questions, “Sticking??? vs “Orchestration,??? DW’s Collector’s Series Pure Oak Drumset, and MoreApr 01, 2016 Listen
Episode 34: Listener Questions, Living Colour’s Will Calhoun, Chicago Drum 6.5×14 Maple/poplar Snare, and MoreMar 25, 2016 Listen
Episode 33: Listener Questions, Narada Michael Walden, Ahead Switch Kick Quick-Release Bass Drum Beater System, and MoreMar 18, 2016 Listen
Episode 32: Listener Questions, Common Drum Terminology, Josh Dion, Ultimate Ears In-Ear Monitors, and MoreMar 11, 2016 Listen
Episode 31: Favorite Drum Albums, Cliff Almond, the Zildjian Low Volume LV380 Cymbal Pack, and MoreMar 04, 2016 Listen
Episode 30: Recording Technology Drum Workshop, Joe Saylor, Dedicated Drumming Footwear, Bucks County Semi-Solid Bebop Kit, and MoreFeb 26, 2016 Listen
Episode 29: Bass Drum Beaters, Listener Questions, Systematic Practice, Gretsch USA Custom Maple Snare, and MoreFeb 19, 2016 Listen
Episode 28: Joe Hibbs, Listener Questions, Modern Drummer 40th-Anniversary Custom Snare Drums, Rashid Williams, and moreFeb 12, 2016 Listen
Episode 27: Barry Kerch, Sabian HH Remastered Series Cymbals, Hidden Rhythms Part 2, Listener Questions, and moreFeb 05, 2016 Listen
Episode 26: NAMM Recap, Listener Questions, Favorite Syncopation Applications, Mike Bordin, and moreJan 29, 2016 Listen
Episode 25: Live From the 2016 Winter NAMM ShowJan 22, 2016 Listen
Episode 24: Vintage Ludwig Snares, Refused Drummer David Sandström, Beier 15″ Steel Snares, and MoreJan 15, 2016 Listen
Episode 23: Bass Drum Miking Options, Favorite Wood and Metal Snares, Adam Deitch, the Liberty Jazz Series Bebop Kit, and MoreJan 08, 2016 Listen
Episode 22: Year in Review, Favorite Cymbal Cases and Bags, World Groove Independence, Brendan Buckley, and MoreJan 01, 2016 Listen
Episode 21: Ludwig Black Beauty, Turkish Cymbal Making, Meinl’s Byzance Vintage Pure, Travis Orbin, and MoreDec 25, 2015 Listen
Episode 20: Favorite Rudiments, Hybrid Setups, Innovative Gear, Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Hybrid Kit, and MoreDec 18, 2015 Listen
Episode 19: Dispelling Neil Peart’s Retirement Rumors, Zach Danziger, In-Ear Monitors, Amedia’s Kommagene Cymbals, and MoreDec 11, 2015 Listen
Episode 18: Brady Drums, Favorite Hi-Hat Sizes, the January 2016 issue, Neil Peart, Provenance Drums, and MoreDec 04, 2015 Listen
Episode 17: PASIC 2015, London Drum Show, Drum Depth, Frankie Banali, Tru Tuner, and MoreNov 20, 2015 Listen
Episode 16: Bass Drum Mic Positioning, Bill Bachman’s Quintuplets Article, Gerry Gibbs, Meinl’s Benny Greb signature Sand Ride, and MoreNov 13, 2015 Listen
Episode 15: Jim Riley’s Ghost Notes, Dom Famularo, Zildjian’s new K Custom Dark Crashes, Drum Muffling, and MoreNov 06, 2015 Listen
Episode 14: Drumming Apps, Russ Miller’s Latest Concepts Column, Myths of Soundproofing, Audio-Technica Condenser Mics, and MoreOct 30, 2015 Listen
Episode 13: Groupings and Subdivisions, Robert “Sput??? Searight’s GhostNote, Pearl’s Wood Fiberglass Drumset, Matt Chamberlain’s Endorsement Changes, and MoreOct 23, 2015 Listen
MD Podcast Episode 12: Bass Drum Speed, Brian Frasier-Moore, Coated and Clear Drumheads, and MoreOct 16, 2015 Listen
Episode 11: It’s Questionable, Chrome- vs Nickel-Plated Brass Snares, Ilan Rubin, Angel Drums, V-Classic Cymbals, and MoreOct 09, 2015 Listen
Episode 10: Gil Sharone, Paiste’s PSTX Effects Cymbals, Craviotto’s Johnny C. Series Maple Snare Drums, Play-Along Products, and MoreOct 02, 2015 Listen
Episode 9: Antonio Sanchez, 21 Drummers Camp, Fidock 6×13 Heartbreaker Series Snare, Remo Powerstroke Heads, and MoreSep 25, 2015 Listen
Episode 8: Daru Jones, Drum Books, Gretsch’s Renown Series Drumsets, Sugar Percussion Snares, and MoreSep 18, 2015 Listen
Episode 7: Benny Greb, The Art and Science of Groove, Paiste’s Masters Series Crashes and Hi-Hats, and MoreSep 11, 2015 Listen
Episode 6: Industry News, Videotaping Yourself, Jojo Mayer, GMS’s SE Series Drumset, and MoreAug 17, 2015 Listen
Episode 5: Polyrhythms, Drum Shell Properties, Bernard Purdie, Sabian’s Big and Ugly Series, and MoreAug 17, 2015 Listen
Episode 4: Creativity, the Meinl Cymbal Factory, Touring Germany, and the DW Jazz Series Cherry/Gum DrumsetAug 17, 2015 Listen
Episode 3: Independence, “Odd Groupings Over the Samba,??? Two-Mic Recording, Keller’s Magnum Series Maple Shells, and MoreAug 17, 2015 Listen
Episode 2: Practice, Dave Weckl, One-Mic Recording, Craviotto Vintage Series Drums, and MoreAug 17, 2015 Listen
Episode 1: Chops and Groove, the Halftime Shuffle, Meinl Vintage Pure rides, Masters of Maple Type-M snare, and MoreAug 17, 2015 Listen