112: Chronic Pain & Chronic Illness

An interview with chronic pain expert Daniela Paolone, LMFT of Westlake Village Counseling. Daniela specializes in supporting people living with chronic pain, illness, anxiety, and depression. Their unique challenges aren’t understood by those who haven’t experienced these issues. She’s here to deepen our understanding and awareness, because many of us have loved ones who are facing these challenges. Daniela has worked as a therapist for the past seven years in many settings. That includes working at a non-profit agency, in schools, and in private practice. Before becoming a therapist though she worked as a teacher’s assistant and was also a behavioral coach for children with special needs. She has also run batterer’s intervention groups that were court-ordered. Working with the courts and in rehabilitating perpetrators of domestic violence was rewarding work where Daniela learned so much. During that time, she also provided counseling to victims of domestic violence and their families. Resources: https://westlakevillage-counseling.com Facebook group Daniela Paolone  https://www.facebook.com/groups/137753713504096/ Therapy Chat Podcast group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TherapyChat/ Online Clinical Consultation Groups (for therapists only): https://laurareaganlcswc.com/join Support Therapy Chat, get a free audiobook and receive a 30 day trial subscription to Audible by signing up at https://audibletrial.com/therapychat Thank you for listening to Therapy Chat! Please be sure to go to iTunes and leave a rating and review, subscribe and download episodes. You can also download the Therapy Chat app on iTunes by clicking here. Visit Therapy Chat website at Http://therapychatpodcast.com and send host Laura Reagan a voice message letting her know what you think of Therapy Chat! Did you like this episode? Did you dislike it? Let her know!

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