Bonus Episode: Trauma Therapist Community

I've worked with survivors of trauma since 2002 and at various times I've felt alone in my thoughts and feelings about the experience of doing this work. We can't talk about what we see and hear day in and day out with the important non-professionals in our lives, like family, close friends and spouses. Even discussing our feelings about our work can be overwhelming for those loved ones, which contributes to the isolation we trauma therapists often feel. The effects of vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress and compassion fatigue can sneak up on us and bleed into our daily lives, personally and professionally. I don't know a trauma therapist who is unaffected by trauma exposure, and I've learned to manage this in my own life through a lot of inner work. I want to help you develop ways to manage it in yours. We need you to keep sharing your light and doing your work for years to come. Join us! Curious? Keep reading!  Let go of the idea that you have to be a super hero! Consider this your permission to stop putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. Join me and other trauma therapists in a judgment-free zone. Learn effective coping skills to help you get your own needs met.  Together we will develop effective strategies to limit the effects of exposure to trauma so we can avoid burnout. I want you to be able to do this important work for the long-term, rather than just getting through each day. This group is about helping you live a life that’s fulfilling and complete, both personally and professionally. The goal is create a positive atmosphere that will lift you up and help you grow. After spending time in community you can expect to  walk away feeling hopeful, supported, empowered, competent, creatively inspired, and confident. Imagine looking forward to going to work each day, feeling energized about the important work of being a trauma therapist.  Surround yourself with support. Join us in the trauma therapist community for clinical case consultation, resiliency building and personal growth. If this sounds like the opposite of how you feel now, we hope you will be inspired to gather with us, whether online or in person. Find out more at

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