127: Avoid these Resume No-Gos

Welcome to the Law School Toolbox Podcast! Today, we have guest Sadie Jones, an ex-BigLaw recruiter, here to talk about some resume no-gos: all those things that you should never do on your resume. Sadie has seen a lot of resumes, for different positions, from a variety of candidates, and at a diverse collection of law firms. She’s got lots of valuable insights on things to avoid in your resume, so before you apply for that job, tune in! In this episode, we discuss: Basic organization and formatting – length and consistency matter! Jobs that should be left off your employment history Managing a break in employment Associations and affiliations you should leave off Being able to talk about anything and everything you include in your resume Making your resume relevant to the position you are applying for Resources: Podcast Episode 111: Resumes and Cover Letters (with an Ex-Biglaw Recruiter) (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-111-resumes-cover-letters-ex-biglaw-recruiter/) Podcast Episode 120: Preparing for the 1L Job Hunt (with Ex-Biglaw Recruiter Sadie Jones) (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-120-preparing-1l-job-hunt-ex-biglaw-recruiter-sadie-jones/) Podcast Episode 126: How to Get People to Help with Your Job Search (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-126-get-people-help-job-search/) Episode Transcript: Download the Transcript  (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Episode-127-Resume-No-Gos.pdf) If you enjoy the podcast, we'd love a nice review and/or rating on iTunes  (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/law-school-toolbox-podcast/id1027603976) (or your listening platform of choice). And feel free to reach out to us directly. You can always reach us via the contact form on the Law School Toolbox website (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/contact). If you're concerned about the bar exam, check out our sister site, the Bar Exam Toolbox (http://barexamtoolbox.com/). Thanks for listening! Alison & Lee

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