016: Study Strategies for Different Learning Styles in Law School

Studying in law school is not one-size fits all. Each student learns in a different way. The key is to recognize the type of learner you are and use that information to optimize your study style - for YOU.  In this episode we talk bout: The three main types of learning styles - Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic Whether learning styles even exist How to figure out your learning preferences you are Specific techniques for each learning style in law school How to outline and what type of learner should (and shouldn't) utilize outlining Why you should probably handwrite your outlines The basics of attack plans, and why they're important (for everyone!) Using checklists vs. roadmaps for your attack plans Flowcharts, Flashcards, and Mnemonics and who can benefit from them Resources: Learner Type Quiz - (http://homeworktips.about.com/od/homeworkhelp/a/lstyleqz.htm) Flash Cards or Flowcharts - What's Best? (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/flashcards-or-flowcharts-whats-best/) 5 Study Tips for Visual Learners (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/5-study-tips-for-visual-learners/) 5 Study Tips for Kinesthetic Learners (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/5-study-tips-for-kinesthetic-learners/) 5 Tips for Auditory Learners (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/5-study-tips-for-auditory-learners/) 4 Evidence Backed Law School Study Tips (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/4-evidence-backed-law-school-study-tipos/) 3 More Law School Study Tips (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/3-more-law-school-study-tips/) Secrets to Starting Law School Right - Hey Do You Know How to Memorize Stuff (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/secrets-to-starting-law-school-right-hey-do-you-know-how-to-memorize-stuff/) If you enjoyed this episode, please let us know! We'd love a nice review and/or rating on iTunes. And feel free to reach out to us directly. You can always reach us via the contact form on the Law School Toolbox website (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/contact).  Thanks for listening!  Alison & Lee

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