Austin Summer Jam 2018: Parallelelephants

@PARALLELEPHANTS ======== Stemming from a belief that music is derived from a tapestry of inner thoughts, beauty, and the basic element of intimacy with ones self, Parallelephants birthed a new period in what can be described as a sexual renaissance, dribbling with the afterbirth of an audiophonic lubrication into the new intimate landscape that is his signature sound. This creation, in what some have called a “sensual groove affair”, Parallelephants prides In allowing an expression of the deepest recesses of the mind, replicating a soulful atmosphere once only heard through the murky smoke filled rooms of the quiet-storm lounges. With the initial purpose to create a new breed of soulful funk and R&B, Parallelephants originated in the year of 2013 as a mixed multimedia based project whose goal has been to combine a consistent aesthetic in both audio and visual mediums. Based around this concept, founder and producer, Thomie, began writing and recording music under the portmanteau. Since its inception and use of live performances, the project has gained a dedicated following and notoriety throughout the nation, and continues to flourish as a blossoming tale of self exploration and the dismissal of all self pride.

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